How to create attraction?

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On Tuesday I hosted a live coaching session all about ATTRACTION (as a thank-you for all the support with the release of my new programme Attraction Point.)

If you couldn’t make this coaching session, I am happy to say there’s another live coaching session coming up on October 25th, scroll down for details about how you can join in.

I wanted to remind you that in all your communication:

You don’t need to over-give and over-share, concise is often best.

You don’t need to message her constantly “in case she loses interest”, this doesn’t signal to her that you’re the confident, purposeful man she wants.

You don’t need to come up with a witty message every time (watch this clip to see a good example of a message you can send her to “hold” the conversation instead.)

The Last First Date

So how can you attend my next coaching session?

Well… Like I explained to the guys on the coaching call I was hoping you could do me a small favour. You may not know this, but after years of dating coaching, I’ve distilled my advice into a rom-com book!! It’s my side hustle and keeps me on the front line of what women find attractive. Now, I know you’ve probably never read a rom-com in your life, but I was hoping I could strike a deal with you, where if you pre-order a copy of the book (Kindle Edition is £2.99 so won’t break the bank) that I could give you a free pass to my next live coaching session on October 25th at 18:00? (Please feel free to gift the book to a female friend, or read it for some insights into the female mind!)

So if that sounds fair to you, follow this simple process:

2. Send proof of purchase, alongside the dating question you’d like answered to [email protected]

3. One of my team will then send you an invite to the next live caching session on October 25th at 18:00 BST.