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the checklist

The Checklist: Fact or Fiction?

The problem with meeting women, I am often told, is that they are poised to reject men before they even get to know them. Guys insist that women will not so much as flash a smile unless they thick of the…

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Out of Bed

What Got Me Out of Bed This Morning

Is that you have a hot date that makes your heartbeat harder? Or are you heading somewhere where you might just meet the girl of your dreams? Would she be the reason that got you out of the bed in…

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Comfortable Conversation

Comfortable Conversation: It’s between two but it starts with you

Every date you went on would end with you feeling like you just connected to someone with fun, sincerity and meaning. You will be enjoying a cup of comfortable conversation and feel relaxed in each other’s presence.  But if you…

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approaching on the street

How To Recognise The Signs- Approaching Women On The Street

  I wrote to you before on the topic of Approaching women during the day. When it comes to approaching women on the street, my general rule of thumb is: It’s so easy to find a reason NOT to approach a…

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instant texts

Instant Texts to Get That Date

You spotted a cute girl, approached her, got her number… What now? I though you might find my instant texts suggestions helpful in choosing your next step! Kicking off the text conversation can be a tricky move: What should the first…

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the natural touch

Women and The Natural Touch

The natural touch * is the key indicator of how happy and comfortable a woman is in your presence. When a guy shows no hesitation in touching a woman in conversation, he sends out one signal: I am comfortable with myself…

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her phone is broken

What to do when she says her phone is broken

Firstly, imagine this situation. You’re out…in a bar, at a club, doing your weekly shop, whatever. You see a cute girl. You get talking… get flirting… swap numbers… except you don’t! Because she tells you her phone is broken when you ask for…

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approaching women naturally

Approaching Women Naturally

I have talked to you before about approaching women during the day. Whether it’s at a supermarket in the middle of the day, or on the dance-floor at a nightclub, approaching women can be daunting.  The best advice? Be natural!…

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stress-free dating

Stress-Free Dating: Remove the goal to achieve it!

You gave yourself the pep talk and decided to have a stress-free dating approach. You were going to approach women all day on the street, then walk right out of that bar with at least…10 phone numbers! This was the…

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