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How to Have a Threesome with Your Girlfriend

I’m not going to spend ages telling you tricks to convince your girlfriend to have a threesome. Or for two best friends to come to bed with you. Or how to make a woman complicit to doing something she doesn’t…

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texting for dating

Texting for Dating: How to Turn a Phone Number into a Date

  Why do some numbers you get to come to nothing… when you’re sure she was really into you when you met? Other times why does the girl you met at the bus stop, turn into a date that weekend? In…

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make people like you

Make people like you- learning the social sell

  This is the core of sales: people buy from people who they like, who they feel understand them and their needs. Today I want to talk to you about how to make people like you! Previously this used to…

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Fitness for Attraction

I am a huge believer that feeling good about yourself is the key to having a successful dating life.  You feel great about yourself by doing things that build your self-esteem and make you feel positive. Sometimes these self-esteem boosters are…

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wardrobe malfunction

How not to have a first date wardrobe malfunction!

In today’s blog, I am bringing you my top 4 tips on what to do to ensure your fashion game is on point and to avoid first date wardrobe malfunction! (P.S. my friend Sarah wrote a blog for us on…

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London look

Get the London look: A few key clothing items for dating success

  Style is important to women. I can’t stress enough that looks are not the be-all and end-all of attraction with women. In fact, women are attracted to a wide variety of factors. Personally I’ve gone out with guys who are…

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Speak To A Woman

How To Speak To A Woman During The Daytime

Meeting women at 3 am in a club can be fun, but surely it must be nicer to speak to a woman during the day? There are many ways and places you can meet the women during the day (read…

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alpha male traits

Alpha Male Traits: 4 Mindsets for Success

I wanted to write to you about the idea of being an ‘alpha male’ and having ‘alpha male traits’. I get that pick up has told you that you have to be an ‘alpha male’ 24/7 otherwise she won’t find…

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female dating coach

Ask A Female Dating Coach: How to Pay A Compliment on Valentine’s Day

Now if there’s any day of the year that you might want to give a girl a compliment it’s V Day. Today, in my Ask A Female Dating Coach special blog edition I will answer the often asked question: How…

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Hayley is the UK’s leading dating coach. She has over 2 million views on her TED talk and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. She is the spokesperson for Match, the world’s largest online dating platform. Hayley is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan, and has appeared on TV shows ranging from BBC News to The Apprentice, to Celebs Go Dating. Her goal is to inspire men and women to learn to love dating.