Men don’t think the same way we do

You know how when you meet a guy (even if it’s for 15 seconds) you can sometimes drift off into a daydream world where suddenly you’ve met again, the sun is low in the sky, you run off down a deserted street, he pulls you into an alcove and kisses you. 

The sun rises and falls again and you’re making love, legs tangled and birds flying in the sky outside of the window. 

And then you’re married! You went for a registry office in Hackney to be cool, and he’s looking into your eyes and WOAH WOAH WOAH woman?! #amsterdam #christmas

I’m actually laughing as I write this because I do this so much myself.

But this isn’t how men work at all. Which is why when they screw up by:

a. Not making a move.

b. Not having thought to introduce you to their in laws.

c. Not having made plans to run away with you to Malta.

You shouldn’t panic! The male mindset is a lot more immediate – as women we project into the future (Caitlin Moran brilliantly called this our relationships ‘algorithm’ to work out which guys are suitable for us).

If your fantasies are anything like mine they always end up involving some kind of Holy Trinity of exotic destination, true love and great sex.

To match him more at the start of the relationship try your best to hold your horses on this and do the annoying ‘take it day by day’ thing. When you judge his actions by today and not by how your future perfect husband would behave he may not seem so bad 😉



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