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It was two feet from dawn,

And I waxed full towards you.

I felt you in moonlight,

I saw you in the shadows.

You stretched on for days on end.

My heart peeled open like an orange

And blew uncertain as a crocus.

The fine stems of my desire,

The shaking roots you crept upon.

I could see her passing through,

Like a cool breeze

Like my face

In a pool of water

Opaque and shimmering

She walked in.

I was becoming haunted,

With words, I couldn’t speak to you.

You, you, you…

A crescent moon rising

Rotating on its axis-

Winter approached:

My petals fell.

I was in eclipse.

Lost in movement.

Reverberating with little echoes,

Earring my fallen picture.

I stared into your darkness,

I crept towards your light.

You appeared to me in reverse,

You were midnight.

I witnessed I was not alone…

I still loved you.


Moonlight is a poem dedicated to everlasting love. Love that stays with you even after the relationship has ended.

Every relationship, every love, every person, and experience we go through shapes us. Our present and our future are direct results of our past. So be gentle to yourself if you still love someone who is no longer there. It is ok as long as you understand your boundaries, as long as you know that there is a reason they are gone. As long as you know that the moon is not the only star in the sky and that you can bathe not only in the moonshine but in any light.

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Lots of love,

Hayley x

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