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dating motivation

10 Proven Ways to Keep Your Dating Motivation!

Huge part of dating success comes down to your motivation levels. Can you keep your dating motivation? Can you keep your self esteem enough to see this journey through?  Staying motivated in dating after several not-so-successful dates can be really…

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the gym

How to Approach a Woman at the Gym- 6 Non-Sleazy Hacks!

  One of the questions I often get from my male clients is: How do I approach women in the gym? Many men are worried how this action will be perceived as gyms are not seen as a traditional place…

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I love you

5 Good Reasons Why He Hasn’t Said I Love You

  I know that we all have an idea about when certain relationship milestones are ‘supposed’ to happen. And when they don’t happen, we can end up imagining the worst about the relationship or the person we’re seeing, and how…

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6 Tips For The BEST First Date Compliment

How do you go about paying a great compliment on a first date? I’m going to give you three do’s and three don’ts of paying compliments on first dates. Use them to get the results you might not have thought…

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too picky

Are you being too picky?

We all know how annoying it is when a well-meaning, (annoying), and probably coupled-up friend offers us this amazing piece of dating advice as to why we’re single… and it always has something too do with us being too picky.…

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4 Easy Tips to Make Her Want To Be Your Girlfriend!

A huge stick point for many guys out there is that they don’t have high enough standards for the women they date. What’s the problem with this? Well, you could end up communicating ‘LIKE ME!’ instead of actually building a…

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He’s Pulling Away? Here’s Why!

If you are in this scenario I’m going to help you out today by giving you a clear explanation of why sometimes guys will come in strong. They will sweep you off your feet, and then start pulling away and…

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5 Tips For Great First Messages On Dating Apps

In this blog I want to share with you five strategies on how you can get more responses to your messages and help them to really stand out in her inbox. I know how frustrating it can be if you…

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mixed signals

Hot and Cold- This is How To Reply to His Mixed Signals!

Today I want to teach you how to respond to these common (and annoying!) ‘mixed signals’ messages men send.  The kind where you’re not sure if he’s pulling away, and that generally leaves you stumped as to what to say…

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