Pretty Enough for Him to Say Hello?

If there’s one cause I’m passionate about it’s about making sure you don’t feel weird taking control of your love lives.

As women we’ve heard a lot of junk over the years about what we’re allowed and supposed to do with dating and the most ridiculous of all statements is this one…

If I’m pretty enough then the right guy is going to find me and sweep me off my feet

This is a horrible, damaging, messed up


that I’m sure has held you back from meeting the right guys.

So let me set a few things straight…

1. Meeting the right guy isn’t a beauty pageant. Do you want to be judged solely on your looks? Do you feel that’s what makes you a great human being? Do you think that kind of guy who is right for you will have that at the top of his wish list? RIGHT EXACTLY.

2. Even if he’s attracted to you he won’t approach you if he thinks he’s going to be rejected. So you can be as smoking as you like but if you don’t give clear signals he won’t say hi.

3. We don’t expect our perfect job to come knocking on our door so why do we think we have this insane luck with dating? Then feel cheated/ wronged when it doesn’t happen?

So time to look sharp and start using your fabulous brain to get much better ‘luck’ with guys.

If you want to hear my rant literally for hours about this check out this podcast I did a while back and I will write again soon with tips to get you out there and empowered 🙂

Hayley x

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