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How To Flirt Without Being Creepy

How to flirt without being creepy is possibly the biggest mental barrier for men to overcome when they want to approach a woman. Men and women are full of passion and desire, they want to love people and they want…

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how to approach a woman in a coffee shop

How to approach a woman in a coffee shop

Jack here from the Hayley Quinn Coaching Team… How to approach a woman in a coffee shop is a really useful skill – for whatever reason, attractive women seem to congregate in trendy coffee shops. Now you have an opportunity…

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how to get a woman to invest in dating you

How to get a woman to invest in dating you

Knowing how to get a woman to invest in dating you is essential to creating attraction. You know that feeling of annoyance, “well I spoke to her for 5 minutes and got her number, and now she hasn’t replied to…

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end the small talk

How To Be Confident With Women

“I want to know how to be confident with women.“ I hear this phrase a lot. If you’re not meeting the women you want right now if you hesitate before saying hello to her, if you want to let her…

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how important are looks to women

How Important Are Looks To Women?

  There are few worse feelings than those of inadequacy. You feel like you don’t fit in like you’re not what society deems to be attractive. This is why I want to talk to you about how important are looks…

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equation for love

Why You Can’t Solve The Equation For Love

Now you may think equation for love is 1 + 1 = 2 (or if you’re more open minded 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 etc.) However this doesn’t really reflect dating reality. For a ‘relationship’ outcome to work…

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Is it still okay for men to approach women?

In an era of Weinstein, street harassment and #TimesUp – is the writing on the wall for the ‘art of pulling’ (please note the use of inverted commas there…)? Is it still okay, was it ever okay, for men to…

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How to flirt with a woman you like (in a non-awkward – non-creepy way)

by Academy dating coach Jack This is a question I started to ask myself when I realised it was no longer appropriate to play spin the bottle as an adult as a substitute for not knowing how to build sexual…

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alpha male

4 Times When *NOT* Being An Alpha Male Helps Your Dating Life

It is a lot of pressure to be an alpha male 24/7. Making all the decisions in your relationship? Asserting yourself when other guys try to ‘muscle in’? Not feeling like you can ask for help from her? No doubt…

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Hayley Quinn


Hayley is the UKs leading dating coach. She has over 2 million views on her TED talk and over 100,000 YouTube subsribers. She is the spokesperson for Match, the world’s largest online dating platform. She is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan, and has appeared on TV shows ranging from BBC News, to The Apprentice, to Celebs Go Dating. Her goal is to inspire men and women to learn to love dating.