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Dating Coach for Men
Dating Coach for Men
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Are you frustrated by time slipping by and getting no further in meeting the women you want?

Too many days working from home, your friendship circle shrinking every year that goes by, dating app matches that go nowhere and the idea of meeting her IRL… you don’t know how to begin with that.

Over a decade I’ve coached thousands of men with dating, and here’s what I’ve found.

You are great.

You have tons to offer.

I wish rather than asking, “so where have all the good men gone?” that women saw that you were out there.

The problem is right now, you may not be on her radar at all, so how can we make sure more women know you exist

4 areas to focus on to get on her radar!


Become an opportunity creator:

Are you meeting enough women? When you procrastinate on meeting women, you get stuck on the one good option that by chance came your way this year, and then feel doomed when that doesn’t pan out. How can you instead create a lifestyle where you’re actively meeting women several times a week?


Show her why you could be great for her!

Dating really is one big communication skills exercise. If you’re not communicating to her why you’re great, there’s no reason for her to see why you’re such a good option compared to other guys. You need to put yourself into that top 5% of guys who have a lot of choice with dating!


Communicate your intentions in an attractive manner.

How can you communicate s3xual interest in her without being creepy? How can you walk the line of being ethical, and still communicating s3xual presence to her?


Work on your understanding of her!

You thought you were both really into one another… and then her attraction seemed to evaporate overnight. Whilst we are all individuals, there are some broad differences between how men and women approach dating. Seeing her more clearly, and really understanding her, will help you negotiate those early stages of dating more successfully.



Attraction is always boiled down to just being confident when in fact, it’s not really like that. Especially for those of you out there who want to achieve great things with women. You want to have that high-quality girlfriend, you want to have great interactions with them. It’s so worthwhile for you to understand the attraction more holistically.

Because of this, I have created a 10-week program called Academy. Academy is a really broad programme, though it goes over 10 weeks, and it’s extremely detailed. That’s because, after many years of working with some famous pickup artists and helping them coach on their boot camps, I felt as much as many of them were trying to do really good work.

The idea of Academy is by going over 10 weeks, we get just so much of a better time window for you to develop new habits. It also means we can address so many other subjects apart from the living approach, which is important for modern datings, such as developing a great messaging style, getting your styling sorted out. So your fashion talks in the right way. Make sure your messaging is super good. And again, communicating the right values, improving your conversation skills, we have the time to do that.

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Attraction Secrets
Attraction Secrets