Messaging Masterclass: Getting Her To Invest In You


Ever been stuck for what’s the right first message to send? Or how to add spark to your interactions? As a result, you don’t even know which way to go about in getting her to invest more in your conversation?



Well, if you tuned in for part 1 of Hayley’s Master Massager Series, you would know that what’s the best possible message you can send is all about finding the leverage point! 



For her second webinar in this series Hayley took things one step further and thought you how to help her to INVEST (in you, not her ISA). 



As you may have noticed a lot of your conversations may feel like:


Now more than ever good texting skills are of essence when it comes too dating. That means drawing him into giving you more and more engaged responses to your messages, which also makes the conversation far more enjoyable for you.


If you have missed the webinar and like the clip, you can watch both part 1 and part 2 today. All you have to do is become a club member. You will receive access to world class dating coaching… or as some would call it ‘Hayley Netflix’.