Messaging Masterclass: Getting Him To Invest In You


On 23 Jan after a successful first messaging webinar, Hayley was joined by amazing women who decided they wanted to continue learning how to be confident at messaging men! Hence, for her second webinar in this series, Hayley thought them how to help him to INVEST in you!




Ever been stuck for how to respond? Or how to make your interactions more sparky?


(This is also to help you not hit the virtual snooze button by having too many boring conversations online!!) 


Well, if you tuned in for part 1 you would know it’s all about giving him the right cue to think, ‘wow she’s different!’

The webinar addressed the fact that a lot of conversations may feel like:



Now more than ever good texting skills are of essence when it comes too dating. That means drawing him into giving you more and more engaged responses to your messages, which also makes the conversation far more enjoyable for you.


(In short Hayley want you to spend more time messaging him in a way that feels fun and rewarding versus eye rolling and boring!!)

So make sure to watch the webinar if you missed it! Joining Hayley Quinn Club you to see the full video and get to join part 3!