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Are women attracted to shorter guys?

Shorter guys and taller women

Height- it’s the one physical characteristic I hear the most about. Ok so here’s the truth about whether women are attracted to shorter guys…


… Just kidding. In truth women do discriminate on height: however, for most women, it isn’t a deal-breaker if they’re into the guy.

So the trick here is to get offline (internet dating will not serve you) and impress people with your chops/ guts/ balls/ attitude in real life. Watch this video to find out more

The truth about women dating shorter guys

Do women like shorter guys? Oh my god! If there was one question that is everywhere in my life at the moment it would be that one. I hear from lots of guys that are on the shorter side. Maybe 5″8 and below who are genuinely worried that women will never be attracted to them if they’re shorter.
So I thought, in this video, I’m going to save myself some time on my emails and I’m going to tell you the truth about what women think about shorter guys. I’m not going to sugarcoat it to you. I’m going to be completely honest because it’s important that you
understand that.

Shorter guys have a girlfriend!

The first thing I pose to you is- have you known shorter men historically to have girlfriends? The answer is, of course, you do. You see shorter guys with women all the time. Women that are taller than them, women that’s smaller than them. Women that are the same height as them.
I’ve gone out with guys from 5″6 to 6″5 and I’ve liked them all. They’ve all been great experiences. However, I’m going to add a couple of caveats because I’m sure that if you’re a shorter guy and you’re watching this you’re gonna be shaking your head and think:
You know, women discriminate against me because of my height.
And the truth is some women do. Particularly in things like online dating which forces you to like put certain parameters around search fields. Then occasionally a certain visible characteristic will get knocked out against. That’s the same for me though. If I do online dating some guys will discriminate against me because of my weight and because you know what I’m not 18 anymore. God damn it!
And you can fight that. And you can moan, and you can complain about it. But I would argue that with a physical attribute whether it’s high or weight instead of focusing on that 10 or 20% of the population who are dead set that they only go out with people who are like 6 foot or above, surely it’s better to invest your effort in the 80 or 90% of women who don’t mind about a guy’s high.

Use your character to attract her

In an idealistic world maybe we’d all like to go out with who’s hot at the moment. Like Ryan Gosling. I don’t even like him but in actuality, if you meet a guy and he makes a great first impression on you. He impresses. You think he’s smart, he’s funny, he’s
confident, he knows himself, he’s happy within his sexuality, he feels sexy and he feels good. The last thing you’re doing is getting out a tape measure.
You’re not so worried about that. Lots of my female friends who are model tall,  like 5″9, 5″10 are going out with shorter men at the moment. That’s because these shorter guys happen to make them feel secure. They make them feel happy. The sex is good and so they don’t care that much about those two inches.
So, if you’re a shorter guy and you’re watching this video if you’re experiencing that frustration. Maybe online dating isn’t working out for you or you recently haven’t had a good personal experience with the women. The one thing I would emphasize is to make sure that you’re not projecting your personal feelings about your height onto the woman.
Believe me, we all have those insecurities about things. Look at the other areas of your behaviour you can control. Because you know logically that there’s plenty of shorter men out there going out with exceptionally hot, attracted, lovely women. So the problem is
not going to be your height is going to be your attitude. Especially your attitude towards your height.
I love it when I get a shorter guy approaching me. Especially the ones that are ballsy enough to come up to me and pick me up and say:
Hey, do you like shorter guys? I love being at breast height.
I think this guy’s got chops, I love that. So instead of feeling embarrassed or awkward about it or projecting your insecurities onto the woman or thinking that she’s funnily looking at you because of your height, instead embrace what you’ve got, A sexy strong sense of self is universally attractive and if a woman doesn’t recognize that then she’s probably just not the right woman for you.

Next step

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Love Hayley x

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