From Brooklyn to the Academy

From Brooklyn to the Academy

Beginning the 12 week Academy course

Just about to begin the 12 week Academy course

Hi, my name is Reggie Wade. I’m nearly 31 years old, and I come from Brooklyn.

I’ve had trouble meeting the cool, down-to-earth woman I would like to share my life with. In fact, I’ve never had a serious relationship.

I first met Hayley when I worked for a website called Elite Daily. I’ve seen the work she does, helping nice guys to stay nice guys, but to develop a confident, sexy edge. The kind of lifestyle change that helps guys to approach and attract the right woman for them. So I wanted in.

Red Doors Academy - Hayley Quinn

I’m going to share my vlog with you, so that you can see my progress through the twelve week Academy course. Check out my video, and learn more about my experience of the Academy.

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