making the first move

Making The First Move (With Low Risk Of Failure)

Being proactive =  Making the first move

Today I want to talk to you about making the first move in a way that’s low risk and actually works really, really well. Because I know that you might be meeting a girl out in the club or on the street a lot of the time you might be wanting to ask her out.

Or maybe you know her already. She might be the girl that you know from work. Maybe it’s a girl from an existing circle of friends. Maybe it’s a girl you see every day at the gym and you know it would be dead awkward if this goes wrong. 

So I want to give you a Fail-Safe way of simply asking her out.


So the first thing to acknowledge before we even get started is that you have to ask her out. Do not wait for this super clear signal from her to tell you she’s totally into you. While you are sleeping, some other guy is going to get in and will quickly ask her out. And you will regret it.

So don’t snooze and lose. Instead, go out there and be more proactive. For some excellent examples on how to do this watch my video!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Remember you have to ask her out. Be casual about it. I promise if you can just hold your ground and not be thrown off by her hesitation and understand that she’s just being a girl you’ll get so many more dates. And they are going to be awesome.

If you want to learn how to get more dates, make sure to make the first move and book your session with me!

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