What to wear on a date: the psychology of men’s fashion

Who is London dating coach Hayley Quinn and what does she do?

London dating coach Hayley Quinn helps both men and women to improve their dating skills and meet more dates in real life. In an interview with Dating News recently Hayley explained how she got started within the industry with interest of infiltrating it and bringing down from within as she felt that it was full [...]
How To Flirt Without Being Creepy

How to flirt without being creepy – click here to learn how to chat to women in a way they like

How to approach a woman in a coffee shop

Ready to ditch the dating apps? Not a fan of clubs and alcohol? Discover how to approach women in coffee shops

How to get a woman to invest in dating you – 3 tips from a pro

How to get a woman to invest in you- it’s not all about how to impress her, it’s about connecting with her in a way that she wants to see you more

How To Be Confident With Women – 7 Hacks To Find Your Confidence Today

How to be confident with women comes down to how well you can get to know yourself. Here are 7 hacks on how to do this today.

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