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no bio

3 Messages To Send a Woman That Has NO BIO on a Dating App

It can be very annoying when you see a woman online you like, and she has no bio! It gives you nothing to work with and can make thinking of what would be a great first message to send her…

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attract her

The Dating Strategy You Need To Attract Her

In my last blog I spoke to you about how to attract high quality women. How do I know what works with women like these? I coach them.  Yep, the women I work with are a long way away from being…

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approaching a woman

Why do you hold out from approaching a woman?

You may hold out from approaching a woman because you: Don’t know what to say Worry that if you did say something that it would come across as a little creepy That’s why in this post I want to do…

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High Quality Women

This Dating Advice Is Stopping You From Meeting High Quality Women

What makes you super attractive to women? Confidence, masculinity, being ‘alpha’? Here’s an important detail that you can’t forget when it comes to attracting high quality women * you have to choose a dating strategy that works for YOU.  Not the next…

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5 Hacks To Have Limitless Conversations With Her

Today I’m going to teach you 5 simple conversation hacks that make talking to women, so much easier! I don’t want you to experience the stress of running out of things to say, and feeling that your dates are failing because…

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matches on dating apps

Not Getting Any Matches On Dating Apps?

If you’re not getting many (or ANY!) of the matches you want on dating apps, this blog is here to help you troubleshoot.  We all want to get back to meeting each other in real life: but for now, dating…

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how to tease

How to tease a woman over text

With the new year already shaping up to have more lockdowns, I want to make sure that you know how to keep the flirtation alive with women you’re meeting. Also how to master your messaging and to tease her! Are you…

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A very simple hack to boost self-esteem from a top London life coach

    This article is written by Nick Hatter     If I’m totally honest, I would say I loathed myself for many years.      The story I had made up was that I was just simply not good…

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messed it up

How to message a woman you’ve messed it up with

If you’ve been reading my latest text messaging advice*, you may now be looking back at some of your recent messages and thinking, ‘what damn! I wish I’d sent something different!’ So in this blog, I’m going to tackle how…

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