her phone is broken

What to do when she says her phone is broken

This is how it goes:

Firstly, imagine this situation. You’re out…in a bar, at a club, doing your weekly shop, whatever. You see a cute girl. You get talking… get flirting… swap numbers… except you don’t! Because she tells you her phone is broken when you ask for her details. Or she doesn’t remember her number. Or she’s a tourist and doesn’t have a phone that works.

What does this mean?

The most obvious answer is that, for whatever reason, she’s simply not interested in staying in touch. Women often feel uncomfortable saying this outright. Whether she’s shy or trying to be kind, she might think it’s better to invent an excuse. She knows that it’s taken courage for you to approach her. Even if she’s not interested, or unavailable, she doesn’t want to shoot you down with a blunt ‘no’. She’s not playing games; she’s trying to spare your feelings.

Most of the time, if a girl wants to stay in touch, she will.

On the other hand… phones do break, you can forget numbers, and people do go abroad. It happens.

So, what to do?

There is a solution to both hitches.

Don’t swap numbers, swap names.

You will establish a persona connection if you ask for her name early in the conversation. This in return will create some immediate intimacy between you and get the right sort of rapport going. You will also make her feel comfortable to share her number.

And if, on the other hand, her phone is broken/lost/unavailable, you can suggest looking her up on Facebook.

Her: I’m sorry, my phone is broken.

You: Ok well how about you give me your surname, and I’ll add you on Facebook?

(if she seems hesitant, follow it with)

You: And if you’re not sure if you want to get to know me better just click ‘not now’ on my friend request. I promise not to be too heartbroken 😉

Staying in touch online seems far less of a gamble than giving out a phone number – the irony being that it’s way more personal to ask a girl for her name rather than a string of digits.

In short, make sure you swap names early in the conversation! If she can’t give you her number, offer to add her on Facebook. If she isn’t interested, she won’t have to accept. But if her phone was genuinely broken, or she just wasn’t quite sure, you’ve given yourself another roll of the dice.

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Hayley Quinn

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