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how do I get him to commit

How Do I Get Him To Commit?

If you have just stumbled across this article, before you move on I have a few things I really need to say to you. I know right now you may be feeling confused by endlessly mixed signals, vague promises, and…

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Why does he act like he wants to see you again and then disappears

Why does he act like he wants to see you again and then disappears?

You have a great date (or two) and he seems so into you…He makes loving remarks, mentions future plans, and comes on STRONG. You were even taken aback by how certain he seemed to be. When you met you felt…

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why he disappeared

Why He Disappeared: Understanding Duality in Dating

Or were you blindsided by how someone, who seemed so into you, could just vanish? And end up wondering why he disappeared? (Occasionally to reappear with zombie-like powers of regeneration on WhatsApp.) What is the explanation for this? Did you…

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ready for a relationship

Are you ready for a relationship?

I bet at some stage you’ve met an awesome guy who is perfect on paper. But the timing is off because he says he’s not ready for a relationship. However, if you’re not connecting with any guys and all your…

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what to say if she has a boyfriendwhat to say if she has a boyfriend

What to say if she has a boyfriend?

After summoning up the courage to say hi to her, and having a good conversation it can leave the best of men stumped to work out what to say if she has a boyfriend. I want to give you 3…

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Date Like a Farmer not a Hunter

This isn’t a call for you to suddenly go Vegan. It’s about adopting a powerful mindset that will help you to navigate the dating wilderness. So here’s the thing most people (not just women) enter into dating like they are…

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Don’t Please Him, Please Yourself

I am a woman who doesn’t go in for man pleasing in ANY FORM. I am not a fan of: Wearing clothes I don’t like because he finds them visually stimulating. I’m sorry but stilettos are in no way practical…

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How to Avoid Christian Grey this Valentine’s Day

Swarms of men and women will be going to the cinemas as 50 Shades of Grey goes on general release. And there’s no doubt that men will think that the ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ approach is best when…

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5 reasons to be happily single this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has sprung up again. Just when you thought you were too cold/ too broke to feel anymore dreary suddenly there are reminders everywhere about love, and romance. V Day is like an instagram account for love: heavily filtered…

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