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Why you can’t solve your problems with a plane ticket and a date

You think you want to date more. You think you should be having sex more. Do you think that having someone to message on the regular will help you? And hell if you don’t have that then you might as…

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why she cancels

Five reasons why she cancels on you

About once a year I write a blog about WHY she flakes/ cancels/ continually reschedules/ ditches out on your date. Because: a. I bet it’s happening to you, particularly if you’re meeting a lot of women online b. Because this is…

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single bed syndrome

Single Bed Syndrome

Let’s talk about single bed syndrome. I would say imagine the scene… but if you’re reading this blog, you probably know this situation intimately already. You’re single so you went home for Christmas. You find yourself in your childhood bedroom…

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don't call him

He’s totally screwed up – don’t call him!

I am writing this blog to you today because I’m concerned that you don’t have someone in your life telling this to you clearly enough- if you want to call your ex- don’t call him! They may be trying to…

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she's gone

She’s gone, what now?

I don’t know how she left. Whether it was after a brief love affair, a ‘Netflix and chill’ or something longer… not necessarily more meaningful. Either way, she’s gone. I know ‘as guys’ (I say this as ‘a girl’) everyone…

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The sign he’s controlling you that you won’t recognise

Controlling relationships are unhealthy ones. No relationship is perfect. Most of them require a lot of heart and a lot of work. But there are some that are worth exiting full stop. The kind of circumstances that gradually pull you…

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good men

Where have all the good men gone?

The problem with this question is that it treats ‘Good Men’ as a rare species of bird, maybe the dodos. The question pre-supposes that there was a mystical time past where there was a bountiful supply of these noble creatures…

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out of your league

You may think she’s out of your league but…

She’s not! And I’m going to tell you why she is NOT out of your league. First of all (and this bit is important), you have to see you like the top of your own league: divvying yourself up against other people…

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