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Where have all the good men gone?

Where Have All The Good Men Gone? How To Meet Guys

The truth, of course, is that where have all the good men gone isn’t the question you should be asking. As much as it would be nice if all the ‘good’ (and I guess by this we mean single, honest,…

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How to flirt with a woman you like (in a non-awkward, non-creepy way)

by Academy dating coach Jack This is a question I started to ask myself when I realised it was no longer appropriate to play spin the bottle as an adult as a substitute for not knowing how to build sexual…

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Hayley Quinn

From Brooklyn to the Academy

Hi, my name is Reggie Wade. I’m nearly 31 years old, and I come from Brooklyn to do Academy. I’ve had trouble meeting the cool, down-to-earth woman I would like to share my life with. In fact, I’ve never had…

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improve your conversations with women

5 Tips to Improve Your Conversations with Women

  I know it doesn’t sound sexy but if you can improve your conversations with women you will get more dates. Good conversation skills suggest social confidence, that you’re used to talking to women and that you’re into her, not…

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She Wants to be Swept Off Her Feet

Walt Disney has a lot to answer for and for me one of his top crimes is conditioning people to have seriously unrealistic romantic expectations. If you’ve ever wondered why… Being a nice guy doesn’t work. Letting her decide doesn’t…

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How to avoid pouty girls in nightclubs

Do you HATE nightclubs? If so you are not alone… and aside from the loud music, overpriced drinks and grumpy door staff, girls can be so unfriendly. Like beyond unfriendly. Like SNOOTY, POUTY AND STRAIGHT UP MEAN. I want you…

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How ‘50 Shades of Grey’ can help your dating life

As 50 Shades of Grey hits the theatres over Valentine’s weekend, tons of people have their opinions on the film. But whether you love it or you hate it, there is something to be said about attraction and lust… and…

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Learning to Farm and Not Hunt out Your Dates

This isn’t a call for you to suddenly go Vegan. It’s about adopting a powerful mindset that will help you to navigate the dating wilderness. So here’s the thing most people (not just men) enter into dating like they are…

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How to handle it when she always cancels

Girls (or women rather) can be bloody annoying. When she doesn’t get back to you for ages about meeting up. When she does it is a decidedly ‘flakey’ excuse. When she arranges a one hour window of her time when…

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Hayley is the UK’s leading dating coach. She has over 2 million views on her TED talk and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. She is the spokesperson for Match, the world’s largest online dating platform. Hayley is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan, and has appeared on TV shows ranging from BBC News to The Apprentice, to Celebs Go Dating. Her goal is to inspire men and women to learn to love dating.