Texting Masterclass


How amazing would it be if you could instantly write witty, flirty messages to her and stand out from the other guys? 

How do you move from messaging to asking her out on a date?


What’s the first message you should send online?


How do you keep her interest?



So, so many questions I receive everyday boil down to understanding how to master our most modern form of communication: the text message / the WhatsApp/ the DM.


Without the ability to express who you are effectively on message there’s no way she can tell how you’re unique and interesting compared to other guys.


Do you feel right now that you’re struggling with a few messages of polite chit-chat until you feel it’s okay to ask her out?


Unsurprisingly this doesn’t exactly set her world on fire.


That you just wish you could get through the messaging bit? Get her out on the date?


And so many guys approach messaging back to front. They’re totally focused on ‘when is it OK to ask her out?’ so struggle through a few messages of polite chit chat to get to the point where it seems socially acceptable to ask her out.


I need to give you a better process for this!


That’s why to give you a kick start I hosted a special one-off, totally free live MASTERCLASS. 


You can watch the highlights below!


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