Will Internet Dating Work for you?

If you’re a single guy, is internet dating a gold mine of potential dates, or a waste of time where your efforts won’t be rewarded?

As a dating coach, internet dating is probably one of the most contested channels for men to met women that I’m ever asked about and a side of Dating I want to Decode for you:

– Do only girls do well at online dating?
– Can only good looking guys get dates?
– Are half the people on these sites even real??


So I decided to do some research. I looked into the stats behind what kind of profiles get the best responses (more on that later, interesting stuff!) and I asked an industry expert, Jonathan the CEO of Single’s Warehouse to give me his view on one of the new ways to meet singles…

“Did you know that the first internet dating sites really only started to pop up in the mid-nineties? Back then they were very basic but the principle was the same. Members would sign up, create a profile and then search online for their personal matches. With the ability to search based on distance from them, hair colour, height, tastes and anything else you could imagine online daters were armed with the tools to find love.

Arguably this ‘search metric’ is the biggest thing that has changed in dating for years. Before this was invented we had an idea of what we we’re looking for but we didn’t walk into a bar called the “Cute Guys, Blonde and living within 5 Miles”. Coming into the present niche sites now focus on traits like ‘red head dating’ or ‘tall dating’ mean that our choices became even more targeted in our search for love.”

Hayley Says: Jonathan’s right to point this out. The dating economy has been changed by Internet dating we now have increased supply and a greater ability to discriminate. With all this choice: a great profile and ice breaker message is all important.

Jonathan: “It didn’t stop there either. Online Dating sites then ventured out into new territories. With the introduction of instant messaging you could literally talk to anyone there and then. You didn’t have to wait for them to come in from work to send an email back to the one you sent three days ago.

Back in 2002 a wired magazine predicted that by 2022 the idea of someone finding love without looking online would be silly. The stigma of meeting singles using online dating really has changed from its taboo past. With 1 in 4 people meeting online it’s not hard to imagine that statistic being a very close reality.”

Hayley says: I think Internet Dating is a viable avenue to explore, alongside learning the skills to meet people in real life: and as long as you don’t rely on it, can prove to be one of many valuable tools to help you to get more dating options.

However I would be lying to you, if I said that there weren’t certain perimetres, types and kinds of profile that are a lot more popular than others.

I want to walk you through whether internet dating is a good fit for you, and break down:

– How to make the call as to whether internet dating is worthwhile for you
– How to make your profile more attractive
– How to write a killer ice breaker message

Internet dating is JUST ONE of the many avenues to kick starting your dating that I’ll be decoding at my Dating Decoded talk. So if you want to know the answers to dating, and how to kick start your love life, then come down, say hi and


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