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Whereas most other coaches gave me copy & paste advice that didn’t really fit my situation, Hayley took the time to listen and understand before coming up with an actionable plan. Highly recommend!


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I love to help awesome guys like you to stand out from the crowd and meet the women they deserve to date.

Top dating coach Hayley Quinn works with both men and women and is here to help you learn to love dating. Discover gimmick free, ethical, sophisticated ways you can start dating the women you want.


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Understand Her

Gain an unparalleled insight into what women think, feel and want throughout the dating process.

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Develop the skills and confidence to meet her both online and in real life.

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Attract Her

Discover ethical ways you can stand out from the crowd and be the man that excites her.

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What’s included in your free video series?

Video 1 teaches you the signals that she is attracted to you: I want you to have super high standards for yourself and only invest your energy in women who show you that genuine interest back.


Think she gets approached all the time? Think again. Video 2 gives you a behind the scenes insight into her dating experiences as a woman.


Video 3 gives you simple conversation starters that work.

What our customers are saying

“Simple yet progressive”

“One of the beautiful things about Hayley’s method is the fact that she throws nothing at you that you can’t really handle. Everything’s done in a very sort of simple yet progressive way.”


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“Coolest experience”

“This weekend has been one of the coolest experiences of my life so far and I’ve got coaches to thank for that.”


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“Avengers of dating”

“I’ve never done any other dating courses before but I always knew if I was going to do something it would be with Hayley as she always came across as someone whose company I would enjoy whereas so many of these other dating experts seem sketchy/sleazy/insincere etc. My instincts about Hayley were correct and I was really happy to see that all the coaches were just as good. You guys are like the Avengers of dating.”


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Hayley Quinn Who section


Hayley Quinn is a leading dating expert, who wants to help you to start meeting the women you deserve.

Working equally with men and women, Hayley is uniquely placed to give you intelligent insights into what women think, feel and want throughout the dating experience. Her TED talk on love has over 2 million views, and her YouTube over 100,000 subscribers.

Hayley is regularly interviewed by the likes of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Cosmopolitan and the Sunday Times, and her ideas around dating are modern, ethical and respectful. She believes with commitment men and women can create incredible dating experiences.

She is also brand ambassador for UK Match, and loves teaching you how to get amazing results with women both on and offline.

In short: she knows how much you have to potentially offer a woman, now her goal is to help you communicate it.

Women are going to love meeting you!

No more procrastinating, get the confidence and the skills you need to meet the women you want


The Selector Mindset

You want to be the man who stands out to her. How do you do this? It starts with changing your mindset around dating. Most guys will do anything to get an attractive woman to go on a date with them, and in the process behave in an unattractive way. It’s time to raise your standards for her, and start to choose the women you want to date.


Understanding Her

Men and women approach dating differently. If you can truly understand where she’s coming from, and communicate with her well, you’re going to gain a major advantage. Not only will your fear of rejection melt away, but you’ll also do a far better job of attracting her.


Confidence Boosting Mindsets

If you’ve constantly been settling for what dates you get, versus the ones you want, then I need to help you build your confidence. Confidence is competence: when you feel you can successfully approach, date and attract the women you want, you’re going to feel better about yourself as a man.


Developing Your Online Dating Presence

I love to help you learn how to meet women in real life, but having a great online dating profile should be an easy win for you to meet more of the women you want. Lots of men find online dating extremely difficult and frustrating; however if you know how to build a profile that works for you all that can change.


Discovering Meeting Her In Real Life

If you meet her in person, you’re going to have an immediate head start on the competition. I know it seems daunting, but there’s ways you can learn to approach her that will be a positive experience for you both. Let me teach you ethical (and dare I say smooth!) ways to meet more of the women you want.


Mastering Messaging

So many men fall into the trap of messages that are boring, and that do nothing to show her how different you are. Right from the get go it’s so important that you communicate how you’re unique compared to the other guys, so she can start feeling excited about meeting you. Let me teach you ways to make your messages the ones that make her smile when they flash up on her screen.


Dynamic Conversations

I want to teach you simple conversation skills that will help you have better dates. Having a great conversation with her is a key way that’s you’re going to build the necessary emotional connection with her, for her to feel seriously attracted to you.


Fun Dates

Planning great dates should become another easy win for you in impressing the women you want. Having dates that are fun, flirty and allow you to ‘be the man’ should also start to feel really rewarding for you. We’re going to take a crash course in dating etiquette and the subtle ways you can create first dates that have her walking away, messaging her friends like, ‘so I met a guy…’


How To Create The Spark

If you’ve had one too many dates say, ‘you seem like a great guy but…’ you need to work on your spark creation. This means feeling more comfortable with subtle ways to flirt, tease, challenge and make an impact.


Building Relationships With The Women You Want

Ultimately you’re not just here to learn how to approach women. Or how to talk to women. I want to help you with the whole process of building successful relationships with the high quality women you deserve.

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