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shift in your messaging style

Worrying About What To Message Him? Stop Right There

Stop worrying about what to message him? Is that possible? No more typing it out, then deleting it? Or (worse) sending then deleting that WhatsApp message to him? No more anxiety over him reading the message but not responding? Those…

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shift your messaging style

Start Living Your Life Like a Romcom: Mastering the “Meet Cute”

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dating life was a little bit more like a romcom? More “meet cutes” in quaint coffee shops, and less disappointing dates on dating apps?  Now, online dating can be great, but if you’re a…

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asking for your number

He’s Not Asking For Your Number? Try THIS Instagram Hack!

Even worse if you spend all evening talking to said hot guy and you part ways with an awkward: “…Well it was nice talking to you!” and you wind up thinking, ‘what was all that about?   As meeting hot…

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dating block

Why Aren’t You Meeting Him? Remove this Dating Block Today!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Hayley, no, there’s not. Believe me, I’ve looked!” It’s time to remove this dating block! Ok, maybe your belief goes even deeper than that. Maybe you’re thinking: After a certain age, it’s a well-known…

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intuition hack

Intuition Hack: Get the Guy you Want to Approach You!

We all heard this sentence. But is there any truth to it? Well, yes and no. Yes in that, yes, when he’s in the right space to form a partnership, and he sees your value, he will be making steps…

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Hating Dating? It’s Time To Change Your Mindset

So what should you message him back? What’s the perfect flirty line to say to him? These dating tips may feel important at the time, but trust me, they are nowhere near as important for your success as mindset. When…

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Being Family-Orientated: 6 Tips On How To Date If You Want Kids

If you know that you want kids how do you bring this up during the dating process? Obviously, you don’t want to waste your time. But equally, you don’t want to scare people off by being too explicit about this…

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Still Single

9 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You’re Still Single

I’ve got for you nine brutally honest reasons why you may not have found love. Now, that’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with being single. Being single can be the best of times. However, I know when you…

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relationship qualities

9 Relationship Qualities To Look For In a Good Guy

I’m going to be giving you my top nine relationship qualities that you need in a guy to build a great relationship. I know how it goes. You’ve had a bit of a vacuum of not meeting men that you’re…

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