Another Woman's Man

5 Reasons Not To Steal Another Woman’s Man

Another Woman’s Man


Now you may think this is obvious and that you would never do such a thing… but we’ve all been there. You’ve been single for a while (complaining ‘where have all the good men gone??’), then a sexy, in fact PERFECT, a guy comes your way… but there’s only one snag, he has a G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D. He is another woman’s man!

But he tells you he’s not happy with her and gives you loads of attention, and the sex is AMAZING, so no big deal?


It is not OK. In this short blog, I’m going to make a humble request on behalf of ‘the sisterhood‘ that you don’t go there, for his girlfriend’s sake and for yours.


1. He’s not perfect


You may think he’s perfect, you may think you have the ultimate *vibe* between you. Truth is he’s just another human being, warts and all. This means after the dizzying hormones of the ‘honeymoon’ period have worn off. When you go from elicit meetings to brief encounters over the washing machine. He’ll become a fully-fledged person.

Right now as a ‘mistress’ you are serving his ego that perfect, adventurous sexy women exist and it’s just his wife ain’t that. WRONG.

His relationship has grown stale for a reason he has to take 50% responsibility for … and chasing perfection in you will only lead to disappointment when he realises it doesn’t exist.


2. Is this your ego?


If his partner if successful/ attractive/ just with him this may be enough to lure our naturally territorial female egos into battle.

You may like the fact that he chooses you over her; that he can’t live without you; that he just text you whilst she was sleeping.

But in this dynamic no one is winning. Because ultimately what he’s choosing isn’t any person: he’s choosing to selfishly fulfil his own needs by having his cake and eating it- no full respect is being paid to no one.


3. Leaving her


A lot of the time you also won’t be chosen ‘full time’ you will occupy a casual vacancy until he’s straightened himself out enough to stop the affair, or he’ll work out your not perfect either, or when he is with you, she’ll be the one he texts in bed. Do not engage with a person caught between two worlds.


4. Dynamic


You met in a certain way. How you meet someone profoundly influences how they see you longer term.

Ready for a scary phrase? When a mistress becomes a girlfriend she leaves a vacancy… because if he’s crossed that mental bridge once, he can do it again.


5. He doesn’t take responsibility


If this guy comes to you with the whole ‘my wife is evil but I HAVE to stay with her’ don’t fall for it. Have far more respect for someone who says they mutually f*cked it up. A man who doesn’t accept responsibility is just that, not a forgotten Prince captured by an evil Queen.

So think carefully and also think of the old ‘how would you like to be treated?’ if he really loves you and something mystical has just happened (which sometimes it does) your terms are clear: he ends one relationship first before starting another.


Love Hayley x


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Hayley Quinn

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