5 tips to grow confidence in the bedroom and the boardroom

Laid Bare: What the Business Leader Learnt From the Stripper

Laid Bare: What The Business Leader Learnt From The Stripper is the naked truth about what it takes to be an authentic leader and build a transparent business, safeguarding employee well-being and at the same time staying profitable. Read the 5 tops to help you grow confidence both in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

1. Name and discuss your desires.

Being aware of what you want – both out of a business deal and in the bedroom! – and being able to communicate it clearly is an unmistakable sign of confidence. Before a business meeting or a session in the bedroom ask yourself: what’s the best outcome for me? Then make sure your desires are clear to the other party. Maybe even create a Bedroom User Manual you can share with prospective lovers – I know plenty of men who would absolutely love having access to their partner’s one! 🙂


2. Know your boundaries.

What is it that you definitely don’t want to happen, either in bed or in a business interaction? Many women tell me they don’t have any boundaries but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Do you mind physical pain in the bedroom? How about things that can leave marks on your body? Is being called names sexy or a no-go? And STI testing prior? Preferred contraceptive method? Think about all of this and more. Same goes for business – where does work end and your personal life/family time begin? What is the result of a business meeting/deal you definitely don’t want to happen? Knowing this will help you confidently steer clear of danger zones in any interaction.

3. Own the space.

Whether it is in business or in bed, be there only because it’s a HELL YEAH – in other words, you’re only there because you really want to. Don’t go to bed because your partner insists or something/someone tells you it’s a high time you did. (It may sound obvious but many women still do!) By the same token, don’t do business deals with people unless you’re really excited and it’s a win-win for everyone involved.


4. Know your worth/the value you can provide.

In bed: recall all the really positive experiences you’ve had with other partners. Remember what you said or did that worked out really well. You are truly awesome in bed as long as you actually believe it! In business: be aware of your value proposition. What you bring to the table has value. As long as you see it, your business colleagues/counterparts will.

5. Choose your business – and bed! – partners carefully.

Follow your gut, check what’s your body’s response to being around them other than just what your mind says you “should” think. It’s so much easier to be confident when you are truly at ease with someone.

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