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Dating coach to dating coach

Joining me today on the podcast is the lovely Layan Bubbly. She is a fellow YouTuber who’s come to stay with me for a few nights in London. She’s also a dating coach specialising in body language. Hello, Layan. Welcome to the podcast!


Hello, everyone. Thank you, Hayley.


So before we get started, I have to say, now if you’re looking at Layan she’s just lovely to be around. She’s cheered me up! She’s been living on my mezzanine floor. I’ve been having the best time of my life right now. And it’s been awesome and her energy is awesome. She’s completely cheered me up. And she’s so wise. Like, it’s crazy. I actually got her to come down to my Haley Quinn Cub for women meeting yesterday. We have Have a new sister to join the sisterhood. This is so awesome.


I was feeling the love! Definitely, the place to be if you’re looking for that boost in your life.


Yeah. So what I want to say is obviously, you’re pretty young. How did you get into this? And how did you get so wise? So quick because Layan is brilliant, underline brilliant, engaging with people about being tactile about listening very effectively and reading people.


There is no shortcut to building that knowledge. It’s really about meeting the most people possible and your daily routine. And I really swear by networking events, I literally went to three networking events every single week, last year, and I did that for a full year. So by the end of the year, you have a contact, emailing list or page for more than 1000, 2000 people when you do it right. And you really build that knowledge. You really build that awareness and you really know how to communicate offence efficiently with people as you do it more.


And Layan’s also a bit of a badass about approaching guys. Just gonna throw that one in there- we went out. So if you guys haven’t checked out already obviously having YouTube channel, there’s a whole women’s advice playlist on there with loads of really interesting videos at HayleyQuinn on YouTube.

What we learned is there were some awesome skills for starting conversations with guys in real life. And obviously, you can watch the video in full on our YouTube channels.  You got a couple of phone numbers, right? I got a phone number. And this was in 20 minutes.


Yeah, we wanted to see if the guys would actually ask for our phone numbers if we weren’t asking for it. And how can we express that message through our body language?

For the whole interview listen to the episode on the link below!

Hayley Quinn

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