Dating in your 20s in London

Dating in your 20s in London

5 things that suck about it

Nothing is more annoying than having people telling you that you’re having the time of your life. Or that the youth is wasted on the young. Especially when THE GOOD GUYS seem just as scarce at 25 as they do at 45… But let’s address the things that suck about dating in your 20s in London!

Working with women of all ages I can tell you now that although the grass may seem greener women living in London throughout their 20s don’t exactly have it easy when it comes to meeting Mr Great either.

1. Tinder.

Need I say more? It’s great, it’s convenient, it’s the Yo Sushi of the dating world (even down to the half price for the last hour bit) *but* when you want to meet an awesome guy, where’s the filter?

Romance may not be dead- but the easy swipe of the app and the influx of cut & paste penis pictures we can avoid.

2. No money no honey.

No real actual woman is a gold digger… that doesn’t sound like a good job to go for. But in a land of unpaid internships who pays? Because when you can’t pay your rent going out to a cocktail bar seems extravagant. Dating in your 20s in London in a nutshell.

3. No time.

If you’re in London and working you officially have no time. None. You wake up, you’re late, you’re behind, you’re stressed and oops you were supposed to meet that guy… Plus although men will moan about you cancelling on them, it’s always the guy you like who reschedules you before you make it to date 2.

4. No one wants to grow up.

Wanting to have a relationship in your twenties is now a laughable concept. The thought of wanting to connect with someone beyond the 2-3 month mark is met with scorn, and unless you’re having orgiastic sex-capades 24/7 you’re failing at life.

5. You’re too young.

The grass really is always greener because in the magical pixie land of your 20s no-one will believe you’re the One because they have about a trillion years to find someone better than you… the result? Lots of relationships built and then scrapped because he thought another girl on Instagram was fitter than you = MEAN.

I am a huge believer that guys shouldn’t get to have all the fun. If you want to take active control of your dating life come and share your dating stories say hello at my Members Club.

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