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Do men care what you wear?

Getting ready for a date and worrying will the guy care what you wear? Do all men care? The answer to this is ‘kind of yes/ sort of no’.

I’ve gained a lot of intel on what men are attracted to via years (years people!) of teaching men how to approach women.

There are few better insights you can get into ‘w

hat men find hot’ than walking down a street of women and listening to him say ‘hmmm not my type’, ‘maybe’, ‘wow wow!’

Here are a few examples of female ‘looks’ that guys can get a bit gooey-eyed over:

  • The makeup-free, converse wearing girl. She’s all big white pillowing shirts, ash blonde hair, and skinny jeans. She looks cool, chic and ‘low key’.
  • Women dressed like women. Stiletto heels, feminine dresses, big hats etc all scream FEMALE in a way that is hard not to notice.
  • Women with crop tops and very well defined eyebrows.

You do you!

In short yes, men care what you wear! Men will have their individual types and look that they like. Whilst you could argue some ‘looks’ (low key makeup, feminine outfits) are more popular than others this seems like a recipe for madness.

If you go all Stepford Wife and start trying to dress in a ‘man-pleasing’ way you may succeed in getting a little more attention but it’s likely to be the route to neurosis and not true love.

Just like women, there are a cavalcade of women men can be attracted to. I’d argue it’s your job to represent yourself well and then attract the guys who are down with your natural vibe.

So if you really want to wear that Metallica T-Shirt or if (like me) your attempts to wear eyeliner nearly always end in you looking like you’ve been in ‘Streetfighter’ just leave it. Do you.

It’s easier, more sustainable and sends an important message that the man has to be down with what you’ve got – just like how in the future you’ll be accepting of his favourite orange polo shirt.


Hayley x


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