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Performing arts

I bet you’ve noticed that guys aren’t quite flirting the way they used to. In fact sometimes when a guy is into you it’s downright inscrutable. From all the many men I’ve spoken to about dating though I can safely say that there’s one thing, they’ve been continually told they need to do to win you over… is PERFORMING. (ah-hem I mean in terms of how he communicates, not the bedroom, though that’s nice too)

(Bad) male dating advice tells guys they need to put on a show before you like them because you aren’t just going to like them for them right?

Strange but men genuinely think women are so difficult to woo that they’ve had the idea that unless they do and say something witty/ entertaining/ teasing/ cutting/ assertive you aren’t going to be interested.

Quite simply the take-home message here is if he’s acting WEIRD he’s quite possibly into you.

Research has even shown how men’s vocal tone varies when they’re attracted to a woman. So if a guy:

  • Cracks a lot of jokes.
  • Teases you about something that isn’t funny.
  • Vaguely insults you.
  • Acts a bit macho.
  • Gets distracted…

As you can see both men and women’s signals are as confusing to the opposite gender as each other.

The only sensible workaround for this is to refocus more on what you want and less about whether they like you.

So keep your focus on you and if you like them don’t be afraid to let a guy know. A little validation for his humour, his suggestion, a smile, a laugh can do a lot to let him know he has his applause and to move the conversation our of performance and into mutual acceptance.

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