Join me for #SexTalkTuesday on March 15th!

I want to empower you to flip the perspective: and reject the rules of love you’ve learned so far. Thankfully there is a progressive Twitter community that engages in weekly discussions of topics that will improve your sex live, help you find the romance you deserve and open you up to a whole new way of thinking about your love life. On March 15th at 3pm Eastern I will be the guest moderator of #SexTalkTuesday, where you can be an active participant in a frank discussion of modern romantic principles and the real world solutions that are helping people just like you find #RealLove every single day!

“We’re so pleased that @hayleyquinn is available to moderate the upcoming Sex Talk Tuesday twitter event” said Angie Rowntree of “Having seen her wonderful TEDx seminar, and the videos that have earned her recognition as a positive agent for change, we are honored this amazing YouTube sensation and author is making time in her busy schedule to become part of our community. The discussion will focus on why you need to break ‘the rules’ and empower yourself to find #RealLove in the real world.”

The twitter chats usually go for about one hour in duration and cover a broad range of topics since they foster a dynamic discussion where everyone is encouraged to participate and help move the dialogue forward. Some of the topics we intend to start off with are: How you can tell someone you just want to date them casually, the best ways to ask for commitment, the role bisexuality may play in your path, what to do if you are confronted by a lover who is ‘cheating’ on you, and the way to confidently know if it’s time to end a relationship.

I’ve watched #SexTalkTuesday since it first began, and I am very excited to be part of the discussion. Look forward to a lively chat, and please be sure to arrive online on time so that you can get the most out of this free and open community event!

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