no man's an island

No Man’s An Island (but some men are…)

No men’s an island (but some are)

They say no man’s an island

I think some men are

It is funny to find 

Some people unknown

Visible from afar

Like a lighthouse

But not comforting

More like rocks to get stranded on

When I run ashore with a realisation

You didn’t like me to be close to you

It was all pacing around outside the palace walls

And you liked to watch me scramble there

Satiated with hope & hungry with desire

Like a maniac

Banging at the bars of my cage

(That is in fact yours)

Crying ‘I am innocent’

‘You’ve got to understand’

To dull ears

And a mind closed

I raved that I saw the truth

The solution

I could end both our suffering

But I was of course mad

Mad to try to prove my love to you

To want to inhabit your Island

Run through your forests

To be naked in your arms

Because there’s no paradise with you

Afterthoughts: No man’s an island

The wisdom here is that some people don’t want to be known.

Not everyone reacts the same way you do to intimacy… whilst you may love being close to people and think that warmth, affection, understanding can bridge the gap, that you can be the one to open someone’s heart… the truth is people can only choose to open it themselves*

*and this is usually YEARS of work.

Don’t think that if you can just, just make him see that all will be well. With some people, there’s no finish line, no paradise. The good news is, you can find your own. But it starts with you and doesn’t end with them.

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Hayley x

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