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I’m back with an extremely special episode of my podcast. I have seven gorgeous women surrounding me and we are here exclusively and fabulously, to talk to you about our innermost fantasies and realities.  I have been joined exclusively by the group Fantasies and Realities to talk on my podcast. And I have a couple of missions with this one!

If you’re listening at home, if you’re not a woman, I want you to get precious, gorgeous insight into the fabulous, theatrical, extremely diverse, weird and wonderful world of female fantasies. Which do not begin and end with someone coming to fix the plumbing in the house and fake boobs. And if you’re a woman that’s listening, thank you for joining.


What does fantasy mean to you?


What we’re taking really is if you’ve got fantasy and you know what I have some really truly weird and awesome ones. You’re not alone. And that we all have strange, unusual, wonderful, fantastic things that make us unique and feminine and fabulous. Which make us feel erotic and sensual. So if you’ve ever wanted to get an insight into the real depths of the female mind and other areas, you’re in the right place. So if that hasn’t got you hooked, I am going to discuss female fantasies and I’m going to be asking each woman in turn and we’re going to try and stick to 60 seconds per lady, but it might run over? We’re not that strict to this club. And I’m gonna begin with a lady who’s just to my left just to describe her a little bit to you. She’s a noisy one. Let’s start with that.

So I’m going to begin by asking the question, What does fantasy mean to you?


Woman 1


It typically comes when I’m in a mood, or I’m feeling really comfortable and sensual in my body. Thoughts and feelings start to come together. Sometimes they are memories, sometimes they are memories muddled with things that I’ve seen, perhaps on late-night TV, or things that I wish I could see. Sometimes it comes… Actually, I don’t know how many of you here wake up with an orgasm sometimes?




I orgasmed myself awake, I’ve done it.


Woman 1


Okay, cool. No, but I would wake up and there’s this picture in my head. So let’s say in my dream, I was talking to a really close female friend of mine and then she starts pleasuring me with a dildo and like and I orgasm, and I’m like, come to my senses. Okay, what was that? And then I kind of like, Oh, that was actually that was interesting. That was nice. And it’s kind of that moment of acceptance, that it’s the weird, wonderful things that are not in line with social expectations that really, very often get us off. So for me, I definitely see a theme of weirdness and conventionality in my fantasies. There’s a lot of women popping up in there.




As a female friend of yours, I’m looking at you in a completely different light now.


Woman 1


Well, maybe you should. And so yeah, I do have a few things written down. But it would be something unconventional and it would also focus around a sensation or maybe a detail something subtle that a lot of people might miss. But it’s the way he looked at me or the way my bra strap was kind of sliding off my shoulder. It’s details like that, that make it come together for me in my fantasies. That’s what I find. And I just love reading things as well. I love to read literary kernel stuff that it’s beautiful.




I love the little details. I think that’s also what I really wanted to share with you who are listening to the podcast because I think with female fantasy, sometimes it’s for me personally anyway, it’s those little tiny moments, which really made me feel go crazy. And sometimes I’ve had the orgasm myself awake, which I put down entirely to my extremely unexciting love life at the moment.

The worst one is when you orgasm yourself awake next to your boyfriend or someone is the bed next to you. My last one was, and this is really weird for me. I was having sex with a woman who had massive natural boobs, and blond hair in my dream. And then my most recent fantasy, and this is the first time I’ve actually fantasised about this. I put this slightly down to lack of love life- two male suitors fighting over me, both dating and sexually. And that’s what really, really excited me.

So next up, I have another lady who’s gonna be here sharing with you the exact moment, which makes her feel most pleasurable. So can I ask you, what’s your fantasy?


Woman 2


My fantasies tend to change depending on my mood, and also who I’m dating as well because my fantasy life is really dependent on the dynamic between me and the person. I find that with a partner a few years ago, the fantasies involve quite a lot of people and all sorts of restraining devices and toys and roleplay and everything. Whereas now my fantasies are a little bit more straightforward. A bit more vanilla at the moment. I’m going through a bit more of a vanilla phase, I have to add.

But I would say that the things that are tipping me over the edge at the moment, are definitely about that moment when the other person completely takes control and uses their body to hold me down and to just take me. That’s what’s exciting at the moment for me.




I have to say, I like the return to the vanilla fantasy. I feel quite the same actually. Something about that power dynamic between two people who have real intimacy and real connection is often the most exciting thing. And I’m the same. Whoever is in my life that I’m most curious or interested or passionate about at the moment, they take lead role every single time.

So I’m looking around the room who’s gonna go next. Someone is saying, I can be the one. All right, you want to talk a little bit about what fantasy means for you, and also the real bit that makes you go?


Woman 4


So fantasy for me is whatever is gonna get me off. And it’s the thoughts that go with that. It’s what I’m viewing, what I’m reading, what I’m thinking about. It could be several things. As for what’s doing that at the moment, like I just said, it varies depending on who I’m with. It might be something that’s talked of. I might be sexting with someone. What’s created there- but thinking of something for today, it’s all about listening to somebody else getting off and I found that quite erotic.

I was thinking of coming home from work- I’ve just moved house and I was walking down the hallway. And I can hear sounds coming from the front room. I’m like, What is that? That’s an unusual sound. I kind of tiptoed down the hallway thinking this sounds like they’re getting on in the front. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe they’re doing this is Friday tea time. And I had a hard week. You know, I’m quite in the mood for some alone time myself. So to hear them, up to something is like oh my gosh, so I tiptoe down the hallway and stand like out of sight watching them. They’re on the front room floor. Going for it. Oh my gosh, I didn’t expect to see that when I came home from work today. And I literally stand and watch them. You know for a little while not doing anything just watching and listening. And then my hands go for a wander and when she comes, I do too.



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