Make Him Realise

The Most Powerful Way to Make Him Realise How Awesome You Are

Showing him what he’s got in you!


Men can be rubbish at appreciating what’s in front of them. You can be the most accomplished, caring, gorgeous woman in the world but if he doesn’t ‘see’ it… So, how to make him realise what he’s got in you without making it the most frustrating, energy-draining, experience ever?


Been there, done that

The trouble is as women we’re naturally programmed to care for those we love so even if you’re the most ballsy, independent woman out there when you’re with a guy you can end up using all the social skills you’d love him to show towards you…

1. You’ll be empathetic: ‘Ok it’s his big day at work so I’ll be relaxed if he can’t see me tonight’

2. You’ll be awesome socially: His friends will all love you and wonder why he doesn’t treat you right.

3. You’ll be non-confrontational: That disagreement never spiralled into a full-blown shouting match because you kept your cool.

Now, these are all good social skills to have that will help you to create happier relationships… YES, but will they make him fall madly in love with you, or just know that you’re a kind of woman he has to stop for? Possibly NOT.


Breaking the chain

We all know men love physical variety (just hang out with your guy on a date, catch him clocking another woman who looks totally different to you and you’ll know!) but did you know what’s more attractive for them is the mental variety?

By stimulating their minds with new experiences/ interactions/ ways of dating they’ll wake up and realise how awesome you are.

Breaking his ‘Male Pattern’ is key to giving him the (loving) kick up the butt he needs to appreciate you.

The variety will come naturally to you- you’ll just repress it because you feel you should be nice/calm / ‘the cool girl’… Not any more. By choosing to approach problems differently, communicate differently, behave differently sexually you’ll find you do a lot more to attract him than just getting a new hair cut.

So don’t just be the good woman – switch on your mind, and excite him.



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Hayley Quinn

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