Visionary or Vandal?

When you cannot find a way to express yourself, poetry can help. It can be a catalyst to your emotions. For me, both reading and writing poetry helps understand myself better. In my latest poem Visionary or Vandal, I reach deep within to understand togetherness and aloneness. Hope you like it!

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Visionary or Vandal?

Our story arch shortened

Like a weakening heartbeat

I guess it was paper-thin

Or no better than cheap

As you wound up face down

Dreaming on concrete

I had dreamt too

Because stories unravel

Like a house of string

They can come to mean

Well, anything

‘Whatever you like, Amor’

You can melt


Explore crack

Into pavements

Build walls, shut doors

Dwell in bed

Reality finds you

– a rush to the head

I could persist

(As you once did)


A chance to exist

The truth is

Absolutely nothing

Life is… What you make it?

So collect the mismatched pixels

Don’t run from your wall

There’s no beauty in an escape

Or glory in the fall

Dream an artist’s dream

Drop among the stars

The visionary

Isn’t a vandal

Painting over

The past

This poem explores the duality between creation and destruction. Are you escaping reality because you are a creative visionary – or because you need to vandalise the present? The lines can blur – and sometimes you can be both. Never be afraid to walk on the line. Never let anyone tell you that there is one way of being. Not in life, not in love.

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Let me know your thoughts!

Lots of love,

Hayley x

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