About Dating Coach Hayley Quinn

My goal is to help you learn to love dating!

This means I will help you make dating fun, ethical, and confidence-boosting. Ready to take the first step towards your goal?

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Distinguished public speaker and lecturer

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Hayley’s candid, sassy, humourous Ted X talk about love and identity has been viewed 2 million times. The popularity of her talk is a testament to her open and engaging speaking style. As well as relationships and dating, her talks cover a wide range of topics including entrepreneurialism, communication and self-confidence.

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Highly recommended. My interactions with Hayley didn’t disappoint. The dating advice I was given was great and her enthusiasm to help clients succeed and grow was evident.


about Hayley Quinn dating coach

Dynamic, engaging live presenter

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Hayley has appeared on TV and radio shows across the UK, USA and beyond: providing lively debate and content on love and dating. She’s appeared on shows ranging from BBC News, to Celebs Go Dating, to The Apprentice and is a safe pair of hands for live TV and broadcast. She is also experienced helping behind the scenes with show content.

about Hayley Quinn dating coach

Brand ambassador and events partner

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Leverage Hayley’s online communities, 100,000 YouTube subscribers, and engaged Instagram followers to promote your company. Invite her to engage and interact with your audience at live events. Hayley and her team are experienced events organisers with a track record of highly engaging live and digital events.

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