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Dating coach Hayley Quinn’s original content, thought leadership in dating and unique delivery style helps global brands connect to a new audience and drive engagement.

about Hayley Quinn dating coach

Brand ambassador and PR partner

hayley quinn

Hayley regularly works with premium brands from Neutrogena, to Glamour, Logitech G, Ogilvy and the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). She has also been leading dating brand Match’s spokesperson for 5 years. Hayley’s skills as a broadcast presenter, mean she can act as an experienced “safe pair of hands” to represent your brand on radio days, TV segments or social media content. She is a skilled copy writer and regularly works with brands to hone their press releases and provides expertise on how to utilise dating content to get your brand into the media. She is also a highly experienced public speaker who can engage on live events, and panels, with a highly confident delivery style. Hayley is an experienced spokesperson that can field even tough questions with sensitivity and approachability.

Published author

As well as being an internationally recognised dating coach and founder of the UK’s largest dating coaching company, Hayley is a published author. Her debut fiction book “The Last First Date” (Harper Collins) and non-fiction hardback “Do This, Not That: Dating” (Simon & Schuster) were both published in 2023.

about Hayley Quinn dating coach

Dynamic, engaging live presenter

hayley quinn

Hayley has appeared on TV and radio shows across the UK, USA and beyond: providing lively debate and content on love and dating. She’s appeared on shows ranging from BBC News, to Celebs Go Dating, to The Apprentice and is a safe pair of hands for live TV and broadcast. Hayley is equally confident in entertainment reality, observational documentaries or live news. She is also experienced helping behind the scenes with show content. Her driving passion is to represent the world of dating in a non-sensationalist way, that actually helps to build the confidence of the show’s viewers. She can bring highly visual exercises and coaching to your TV production. She also has a lot of experience in delivering radio days for the brands that she works with.

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Distinguished public speaker and lecturer

hayley quinn

Hayley’s candid, sassy, humourous Ted X talk about love and identity has been viewed 3 million times. The popularity of her talk is a testament to her open and engaging speaking style. As well as relationships and dating, her talks cover a wide range of topics including entrepreneurialism, communication and self-confidence. Hayley has worked as a panelist for brands like Neutrogena, Glamour, ELLE and the Financial Conduct Authority to talk about dating, and how it relates to the wider worlds of self confidence, personal style and even financial management!

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