Hayley Quinn MISSION

Dating coaching that's rewarding, exciting and transformational

Just like many things in life, dating can be the hardest of times, and the best of experiences. My goal is to shift your perspective, radically change your dating habits and, ultimately, give you the freedom and happiness you deserve in your love life. It’s no surprise that I love my work as a dating and relationship coach.

I truly believe dating can be fun, as well as a fantastic opportunity to learn about yourself and others. And the good news is (just like everyone’s already helpfully told you) once you’re enjoying dating, and you have an abundance of options, it’s that much easier to make a great choice about who to embark on a relationship with.

My team and I have spent 15 years refining our coaching skills and we come armed with training exercises and expertise to help you past your stumbling blocks. We’ll give you the insight as to why you’re in a rut. We’ll help you to find the motivation to start again - or simply start! We’ll teach you the hands-on skills you need to transform: Whether that’s learning to meet people IRL, developing your conversation skills, or negotiating the pitfalls of modern dating with confidence.

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Hayley Quinn Values

What's it like working with a dating coach?

I champion 6 core values which form the basis of all our interactions, helping to ensure the happiness of our customers.

Meet the team
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Approached in the right way, dating can be a profound way to help develop who we are as people, and learn about ourselves.

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I believe in bridging the knowledge gap between men and women: Not pitting them against one another.

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From transparent pricing, to the quality of service delivered by me and my team, I hold our coaching programmes to the highest standards.

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Dating can be fun and empowering, I’ll prove it to you!

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I won’t teach you anything that you’d be embarrassed to share with your grandmother.

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Whether you’re a man, or a woman, new to this, or been there before, I’m here to help you.

Hayley Quinn BIO

How I became the leading UK dating coach

To be frank - as much as I believe you make your own luck - coaching found me. 15 years ago I was an ambitious graduate, quickly discovering that no one wanted to hire me. It was 2009, Twitter and blogging had entered the mainstream and, by chance, I stumbled across an underground community of dating coaches: Men teaching other men how to improve their dating lives. They called themselves “pick up artists” and were immortalised in Neil Strauss’s book “The Game.”

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Early Years

There’s a lot not to like about pick up artists: In the early days it was magic tricks, hypnosis, and put downs that were preached. However, somewhere in all the muck I found a good premise: That your love life wasn’t down to destiny, but that you could learn practical skills to transform your dating life. You could find your next relationship by approaching someone IRL; there were conversational tools you could deploy; there were social dynamics to learn. As someone who is inherently nerdy and introverted, I found this new world of dating skills exciting. Predictably, I got sucked in.

These pick up artists also needed someone to write their blogs and speak as the “female opinion” at their seminars: That person was me. For the first few years I cut my teeth coaxing men out into the streets and clubs of London, looking for love (or at least someone to give them their phone number.) However, I soon grew critical of a world that was inherently misogynistic and where coaching standards were non-existent.

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Shaping Change

So I started my own company with the vision that I could take the best of what I’d learned, and then reverse engineer it to work for men and women alike. I wanted women to discover the fun of meeting men IRL, and the wonders it could do for their self esteem. I wanted men to feel comfortable that the information they were learning was transparent and ethical. I wanted to do things better, and create programmes with an actual syllabus.

Present Day

Fast forward to the present day and this bold vision is catching on. My team and I have helped thousands of men and women find love, and more importantly their confidence in dating. We still specialise in teaching real world skills, and believe dating is a highly coachable area of your life. Along the way I’ve been privileged to speak at TEDx with now over 3 million views of my talk, had books published by Harper Collins (“The Last First Date”, 2023) and Simon & Schuster (“Do This, Not That: Dating”, 2023), and worked with many of the world’s biggest brands to talk about dating including Match and Cosmopolitan.

…And even after all this time, whenever I meet someone at the start of their dating journey, I feel the same excitement for them. If only everyone knew how empowering dating could be. I’m on my way to making that happen.

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How I finally found love myself

After a stint of bad relationships, Hayley took time out from dating, followed her own advice and met her husband in real life at her gym. (They argue to this day over who really made the first move.)

She currently lives between London and France, and is a mum to two children. She loves yoga, protein shakes, and having two minutes to read a book in-between running around after her pre-schoolers.

Hayley Quinn getting married
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