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If your dating life currently veers between not-so-funny story, and emotionally draining marathon, you’re in the right place. As your coach my goal is to motivate you, and show you just how fun your dating life can be. When you’re in the ‘scarcity mindset’ you will make bad choices about who to invest your precious time and energy into. I want to show you where all the good men have gone and equip you with the practical action steps you need to find them. Join my newsletter to receive exclusive content designed to help you meet, attract and build successful relationships with men.

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Discover how Hayley's tips and advice has transformed the way men approach dating and meeting women in real-life.

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Practical, Easy-To-Follow Tips

"Hayley advice has given me practical and easy-to-follow tips for many unanswered questions I had in my dating life. Having later had a chance to attend one of her events I it to be a very supportive and safe environment to ‘practice’ meeting men. I highly recommend Hayley’s coaching and training opportunities!"

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Jiang W.
San Francisco, US
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Genuinely Amazing Advice

"Hayley understands the constraints and potential of human nature; as well as the deepest levels of human connections. She skips the superficial, and works on the core of what can bring people to become their free, genuine, and attractive self."

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Alexia K.
London, UK
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Authenticity Guaranteed

"What impresses me most about Hayley Quinn is that she stands out as a light of empowerment and authenticity for women everywhere."

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Anna C.
Brighton, UK

For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.

Transform your dating life with the help of dating expert Hayley Quinn

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