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"Dating coach extraordinaire"

Read the full review by Helen Coffey, Senior Lifestyle Features Writer at The Independent who tagged along at a Secret Place in-person training event in February 2024.

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For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.


What customers are saying

Discover the inspiring success stories and life-changing journeys of numerous happy clients, highlighting the tangible effects of Hayley Quinn's expertise in dating and relationships.

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Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence

"Hayley and her experienced team are nothing short of dynamic and inspirational. Their insight, patience and wisdom has completely re-shaped my apporach to dating. I have traveled from a place of low self-belief and esteem to a place of confidence and value. Hayley is gifted not only in the coaching of men and women's dating but also has an awesome ability to create a supportive community among her students. I couldn't have asked for more."

Headshot of Chris A
Chris A.
London, UK
Prepare To Be Kicked Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

"I took part in Secret Place and Going Renegade trainings and heartily recommend the experience! The training was unique, exciting, at times awkward, and overall empowering. Hayley and her team are great and coach you throughout the evening, teaching you tips and tricks to approach men, or rather, get them to approach you ;) Prepare to be kicked out of your comfort zone!"

Headshot of Tandy M
Isa B.
London, UK
Encouraged and Empowered

"I'm a guy and I struggle with shyness. I would like to find a loving partner, but there are many social situations where I'm uncomfortable, afraid to start conversation and simply inexperienced. Hayley and her team have shown me that women aren't as scary as I thought, have encouraged and empowered me to be honest and authentic, and taught me how to flirt in a respectful way. I can feel myself becoming unstuck in an area of my life that I've always struggled with. Thank you so much, Hayley!"

Headshot of Mackenzie
Andrei R.
London, UK
Life-Changing For The Better :)

"Strongly recommended! I am happy to share that I did attend the Academy and it was life-changing, for the better:) Many thanks Hayley and team!"

Headshot of Rosie A
Karl S.
London, UK
Wish I'd Signed Up Sooner

"I’d been aware of Hayley Quinn’s videos for a few years and even looked at the programs offered on her website but never signed up until recently. It was definitely worth it for me and I wish I’d signed up a lot sooner. The academy program helped me build the confidence to approach and engage with women in a way that felt ethical annd authentic to myself. While the webinars provided practical advice, the most significant progress occurred during the live weekend, where the coaches were exceptionally supportive and accommodating."

Headshot of Bertrand B
James W.
Cardiff, Wales

For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.

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