What is a dating and relationship coach?

A dating coach helps people improve their understanding and motivation levels within the world of dating — as well as their social skills — to create a more fulfilling dating life. From meeting new people to building successful relationships: Everyone has their own unique challenges and goals. For some, success means going on dates (finally) with the people they’re attracted to, for others it's walking down the aisle and saying “I do”.

If you’re single today, feeling stuck on dating apps or at a loss to how to get the relationships you want, a dating coach can provide a roadmap to help you understand how to meet new people (yes, in the real world away from our screens), build attraction, and create long term relationships.

With over 15 years experience, Hayley Quinn is the leading UK dating coach and relationship expert for men and women. She has transformed the semi-mythical process of “how to find love” into practical everyday action steps. The goal is to help you improve your ability to meet, attract and connect with people.

Your Journey

5 stages of working with a dating and relationship coach

You will be coached in 5 stages as you move towards the ultimate goal of choosing a great partner. The process typically takes 2-12 months. Dating coaching is highly individual, and requires your efforts too. Think of it like working with a personal trainer: if the only time you go to the gym is with them, it will take you longer to achieve your goals.



What beliefs, or previous knocks to your self esteem, may be holding you back from dating successfully?

Let’s create a positive mindset around dating, to help you sail through the inevitable ups and downs of meeting people.

We want you to find dating fun and motivating so you stay focused on your goals, despite what life throws at you.

▪️ Key Learnings

How to approach dating from a place of confidence and self worth.

How to date in a way that’s highly personalised to your unique goals and personality.

How to find dating fun, energising and a new form personal development that you can feel excited about.


Meeting People

When you only meet one person a year that you click with, inevitably there’s a lot of pressure on that interaction. If it doesn’t work out, you may feel devastated.

To avoid what we call “dating life scarcity” let’s develop the tools so you can meet people in real life. That’s not just knowing where to go, it’s about how you can start conversations with people, or how you can encourage them to talk to you.

You’re about to learn a lot about social skills and body language… and (of course) we’ll help you create a killer dating app profile. But the really good news? You’ll never again rely on apps as the only way to meet people.

▪️ Key Learnings

Where to meet new people.

How to approach someone in real life, or effectively signal to them that you’re open to them talking to you. It is possible! 


Communication Skills

Whether you’ve met someone in real life, and want to build a connection. Or you’re messaging someone you like and they throw you a curveball message. Or you’re on a first date and you want to see how compatible you are… Dating and relationships require advanced communication skills.

Learning how to communicate specifically in the area of dating can help you choose the right partner faster, handle tricky social situations, and holistically build your social confidence.

▪️ Key Learnings

How to improve your communication skills, meaning sparkier dates and better connections.

How to improve your overall social skills and awareness.

How to effectively message people at every stage of the dating process. No more staring at your phone screen agonising over whether you wrote something wrong!


Creating Attraction

You may be a brilliant communicator at work, for example, but do you know how to interact with someone to signal “romantic opportunity” instead of just “friendship” or “networking”?

You may be clueless as to how to flirt, or even the idea of flirting makes your toes curl with discomfort.

Perhaps you’re a highly decisive woman who’s struggling to connect to her feminine side (although deep down you really want a man who steps up to take care of you.)

Perhaps you’re a man who is never seen as a potential boyfriend and always sidelined as a “good friend”.

In modern life, there may be work to do to reconnect you to the side of yourself (we promise, it does exist) that is sexy, flirtatious and holistically attractive.

▪️ Key Learnings

How to present yourself as a date, and not just a “really nice acquaintance.”

How to be compelling and become the ‘stand out’ person someone is excited to date.


Building Relationships

Once you’ve created a successful approach to dating, you’ll be equipped with the skills to find and choose a partner. (If that’s your ultimate goal.)

With this new feeling of abundance and confidence you will be better placed to negotiate the inevitable challenges that relationships bring.

Are they the right person for me? Can I overcome the fact they don’t share some of my goals? How do I communicate if I want — or don’t want — commitment? How can I recover from a disagreement and communicate with my partner effectively?

Remember: Ironically, this brand new set of challenges may be just what you were hoping for when you started out on your journey!

▪️ Key Learnings

How to say no to the wrong relationships, to create more space for the right ones.

How to negotiate building a committed relationship with someone you like.


Who needs a dating coach?

If you are new to the idea of a dating coach, you are not alone: Maybe you had no idea that, outside of conventional therapies, there was someone who could help you develop a rewarding love life. Many people today are still unaware that dating coaches exist or of the benefits they bring, although with the rising frustration surrounding dating apps and online dating this is rapidly changing.

We know dating coaching might conjure up an image of socially awkward singles, wearing braces (a bit like an American high school movie) but the reality is very different.

Hayley Quinn and her team of dating coaches work with people who are often kicking butt in other areas of their lives, but something about dating just isn’t clicking for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

How does working with a dating coach differ from therapy?

Therapy creates a supportive environment where you can talk through your feelings and experiences with a mental health professional. Dating coaching fosters a similar environment that is highly supportive and non judgemental. The key difference is that coaching focuses on practical action steps you can take in your interactions with other people to create change.

Working with a dating coach is suitable for people who are already in a fair state of mental health. If you feel you’ve spent enough time analysing your problems, and are ready for practical dating advice and solutions, then it’s likely you will significantly benefit from having a dating coach in your corner.

Is a dating coach different from a relationship coach? 

Hayley Quinn is also a relationship coach and expert, who’s written books on dating and relationships (Do This, Not That: Dating, Simon Schuster 2023). She applies a step-by-step approach to improve your dating life. This means most people will begin their Dating Journey by developing their confidence, and learning how to meet people in real life, before progressing onto improving their relationships. 

Whilst relationship counselling works with two (or more) people who are already in a relationship, dating and relationship coaching helps people who are single, or in an early stage relationship to progress.

Do you offer matchmaking? 

No. Instead of offering you a limited number of matches who you may not click with, we believe in giving you the tools to confidently meet new people. If you can walk out of your front door and feel like you can meet someone new, this will boost your confidence, and mean not only are you able to meet far more people than ever before, but also choose the right partner(s) for you. We think that gives you much better odds of a successful outcome.

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