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Dating coach Hayley Quinn’s original content, thought leadership in dating and unique delivery style helps global brands connect to a new audience and drive engagement.

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Enhance your brand with confidence

Collaborating with Hayley Quinn for brand endorsements is a strategic move that can elevate your brand's credibility and appeal. Her ability to authentically connect with audiences adds a unique dimension to any partnership. Hayley's endorsements resonate, as she tackles modern dating with nuance, and empathy. Her practical tips for dating bring to life all manner of marketing activity including radio days, PR releases, video content and live media events.

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Transform your vision into reality with Hayley's charisma

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Experienced Presenter

Hayley Quinn's engaging personality and expertise make her a standout choice for TV presenting and live performances. Whether she's hosting relationship-focused segments or representing your brand, Hayley's vibrant personality and storytelling prowess create a lasting impression on viewers. Her unique approach to human dynamics adds depth and authenticity to any presentation.

Hayley has appeared on TV and radio shows across the UK, USA and beyond: providing lively debate and content on love and dating. She’s appeared on shows ranging from BBC News, to Celebs Go Dating, to The Apprentice and is a safe pair of hands for live TV and broadcast. Hayley is equally confident in entertainment reality, observational documentaries or live news.

Behind The Scenes

She is also experienced helping behind the scenes with show content. Her driving passion is to represent the world of dating in a non-sensationalist way, that actually helps to build the confidence of the show's viewers. She can bring highly visual exercises and coaching to your TV production. 

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From thrilling romances to romantic thrillers

In addition to her B2B services, Hayley Quinn is a published author currently working on her third book—a dark thriller set in the rustic landscapes of Southwest France, inspired by the timeless tale of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Hayley's debut fiction novel “The Last First Date” was published by Harper Collins in 2023. Her non-fiction hardback “Do This, Not That: Dating” was published by Simon & Schuster in the same year, focussing on practical tools and advice from first meeting someone, to building long term relationships.

Her literary journey further demonstrates her creativity and subject matter expertise, making her a unique asset to any business collaboration.

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Inspire and empower your audience

Hayley’s candid, sassy, humourous Ted X talk about love and identity has been viewed 3 million times. The popularity of her talk is a testament to her open and engaging speaking style. As well as relationships and dating, her talks cover a wide range of topics including entrepreneurialism, communication and self-confidence. Hayley has worked as a panelist for brands like Neutrogena, Glamour, ELLE and the Financial Conduct Authority to talk about dating, and how it relates to the wider worlds of self confidence, personal style and even financial management!

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What clients are saying

Learn how I've helped global brands, and their agencies, to leverage the ubiquity of dating and bring to life their marketing activities.

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"Thanks so much for your work on the Onto campaign - you were brilliant and really nice to work with and did a great job in getting electric cars and Onto as a whole into the radio conversations!"

Lucy Scaramanga headshot
Lucy Scaramanga
Senior Communications Consultant at Hard Numbers
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"During my time working with Hayley, I have been impressed by her unique writing style, capabilities as a broadcaster, and her work as a media personality within the world of dating."

Roelijne Peters headshot
Roelijne Peters
Senior Marketing Manager at Meetic Corp (Match) 
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"Thank you again for doing such a stellar job at the FCA event. It’s been such a pleasure to work with you, and I hope you know how grateful we’ve all been to have you connected to the campaign. Thank you for being such an amazing partner to us – and I hope we’ll have a chance to work together again soon."

Ellie Gill Jones headshot
Ellie Gill Jones
Associate Director at MHP Group
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"Starling Bank worked with Hayley on a campaign to promote our joint bank account. We wanted to support couples to better sharing the load at home and Hayley did a brilliant job of communicating the key messages authentically and with relevance. She was incredibly competent and relatable when speaking to media both live on-air and pre-record."

Roelijne Peters headshot
Lucy Cafferkey
Head of Consumer PR at Starling Bank

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