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UK's Leading Relationship Expert: Elevate Your Brand

As the UK's leading dating coach and relationship expert, Hayley Quinn brings unparalleled expertise and a unique perspective to the world of dating and relationships. Her innovative content and thought leadership make her an invaluable asset for global brands looking to connect with new audiences and drive engagement.

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Enhance Your Campaign with a Top Relationship Coach

Collaborating with Hayley Quinn, a distinguished relationship expert, is a strategic move that can significantly elevate your brand's credibility and appeal. Hayley's authentic connection with audiences and her nuanced, empathetic approach to modern dating add a unique dimension to any partnership. Her practical tips for dating and relationships are not just advice; they're a bridge to engaging your audience in meaningful ways through radio days, PR releases, video content, and live media events.

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Charismatic Media Personality and Online Relationship Expert

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Experienced Presenter

Hayley Quinn's vibrant personality and deep expertise in relationships make her a standout choice for TV presenting and live performances. Whether hosting relationship-focused segments or representing your brand, Hayley's storytelling prowess and engaging presence leave a lasting impression. Her approach to human dynamics and dating adds authenticity and depth to any presentation, making her a sought-after relationship expert for shows across the UK, USA, and beyond.

Hayley has appeared on TV and radio shows across the world: providing lively debate and content on love and dating. She’s appeared on shows ranging from BBC News, to Celebs Go Dating, to The Apprentice and is a safe pair of hands for live TV and broadcast. Hayley is equally confident in entertainment reality, observational documentaries or live news.

Behind The Scenes

Hayley Quinn is also adept at contributing behind the scenes, ensuring dating and relationship content is presented in a helpful, non-sensationalist manner. Her goal is to boost the confidence of viewers through visually engaging exercises and coaching, making her a valuable asset to TV production teams.

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From thrilling romances to romantic thrillers

Hayley Quinn is not only a relationship expert but also a published author, currently working on her third book—a dark thriller inspired by the timeless tale of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Her debut fiction novel “The Last First Date” was published by Harper Collins in 2022. Her non-fiction hardback “Do This, Not That: Dating” was published by Simon & Schuster in 2023, and offers practical tools and advice from first meeting someone, to building long term relationships.

Her literary journey further demonstrates her creativity and subject matter expertise, making her a unique asset to any business collaboration.

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Inspire Your Audience with a Leading Relationship Coach

Hayley Quinn's engaging TEDx talk on love and identity has captivated over 3 million viewers. Her candid, humorous, and insightful discussions on relationships, dating, and self-confidence have made her a popular speaker and panelist for top brands including like Match, Neutrogena, Glamour, ELLE and the Financial Conduct Authority. Hayley's ability to relate dating to broader topics like personal style and financial management underscores her versatility and depth as a relationship expert.

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Global Brands Trust Hayley Quinn

Discover how Hayley Quinn has helped global brands leverage the power of relationship expertise to enhance their marketing initiatives. From electric car campaigns to banking promotions, Hayley's authentic and relatable approach has made a significant impact.

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"Thanks so much for your work on the Onto campaign - you were brilliant and really nice to work with and did a great job in getting electric cars and Onto as a whole into the radio conversations!"

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Senior Communications Consultant at Hard Numbers
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"During my time working with Hayley, I have been impressed by her unique writing style, capabilities as a broadcaster, and her work as a media personality within the world of dating."

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Senior Marketing Manager at Meetic Corp (Match) 
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"Thank you again for doing such a stellar job at the FCA event. It’s been such a pleasure to work with you, and I hope you know how grateful we’ve all been to have you connected to the campaign. Thank you for being such an amazing partner to us – and I hope we’ll have a chance to work together again soon."

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Associate Director at MHP Group
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"Starling Bank worked with Hayley on a campaign to promote our joint bank account. We wanted to support couples to better sharing the load at home and Hayley did a brilliant job of communicating the key messages authentically and with relevance. She was incredibly competent and relatable when speaking to media both live on-air and pre-record."

Roelijne Peters headshot
Head of Consumer PR at Starling Bank

Ready to Elevate Your Brand with Hayley Quinn's Expertise?

Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your business needs. Let's embark on a transformative journey together, guided by a dating and relationship expert who offers a fresh, profound, and authentic perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

What makes Hayley Quinn a relationship expert?

For over 15 years I've worked as a relationship coach and expert for international media and premium brands. There’s also nothing more rewarding than coaching someone who is single, under confident, and has no idea how to meet people; then transforming them to a place where they’re in a happy relationship. As a relationship expert I’ve also written a book about how to negotiate each stage of dating and relationship building published by Simon & Schuster (2023).

How can working with a relationship expert help your brand?

Working with a known relationship expert and media personality can enhance your brand's awareness and credibility. Working with a known and respected relationship expert can help bring your PR initiatives to life with expert commentary. A well respected expert, who is regularly used as a media source, can also help your press releases to gain traction, and add real value to your brand's messaging. Particularly when used for brand events. or broadcast, an experienced relationship expert will be able to seamlessly weave in your brand messaging, field tricky questions and create an enjoyable audience experience.

Where to find a relationship expert in London?

Hayley Quinn is a relationship expert based in London. Whilst Hayley does work one to one with people from all around the world via Zoom, her live coaching events are currently based in London. Her Secret Place event where women learn how to meet men in real life takes place monthly in the city of London. Her companion Training Day event for men also happens monthly in central London. Finally her extended coaching programmes Going Renegade and Academy both emphasize a "dating bootcamp" 4 day immersion at various London locations as a key component of the training programme. Hayley Quinn's work as the UKs leading dating coach and relationship expert means she has an in-depth knowledge of the best London locations for single people to meet one another and successfully complete their coaching programmes.

Are psychologists, therapists and relationship experts the same?

"Therapist" is a broad term relating to anyone who offers guidance in the area of psychotherapy. Typically therapists will have obtained a masters degree in a relevant area of study. However, to practice as a psychologist you need to have obtained a doctorate in Psychology. Both therapists and psychologists teach through a system of Western psychology, and encourage people to examine the origins of their thoughts and feelings, to help them prompt change in their lives.

Relationship experts and coaches are often not mental health professionals, but coaches with a proven track record of effectively helping their clients to achieve results. Coaching is more results orientated than therapy, at times more confrontational (meaning it's not broadly suitable for everyone) and also commonly involves an active dialogue between the coach and the mentor. A relationship coach is more likely to tell you where and how you can improve, whilst a therapist might encourage self enquiry and give you tools to come to your own realisations about what next steps you could take.

Working with a relationship coach is most suited to people who don't have pre-existing mental health conditions, and who feel they're ready to take on practical tools to improve their dating and relationships. For the right people, at the right stage of their journey, working with a great coach is a fantastic accelerator for their learning. Much like hiring a personal trainer for your fitness goals, coaching around relationships is also becoming far more commonplace than ever before.

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