Left to right: Parvin, Ash, Chris, Carrie and Kristian



The grandmaster of romance, Hayley brings over 15 years of dedication and passion to her coaching. A former (okay, current) profound geek, Hayley teaches social and dating skills like an art form.

Her coaching style unravels the mysteries of dating into easy to understand constructs, and learnable skill sets. She balances this knowledge with a dedication to personalised coaching, and a highly ethical approach to dating advice.

A non-believer in cookie-cutter approaches to dating, she wants to show how you can shine, by being more, not less, of who you are.

Headshot of Hayley Quinn - dating coach
Headshot of Ash - Hayley Quinn coach


Let’s start by saying his nickname is “Morpheus” for his ability to make you see a totally different perspective on your dating challenges.

A master of the ‘reframe’ Ashley will push you to re-evaluate your current belief system around dating, and is highly skilled at helping you to move past your limitations.

He believes that all human beings have a uniqueness, beauty and greatness within them and he will help guide you in how to express that.


Meet your ultimate wingwoman. 7 years ago, Parvin was fed up with single life, took my coaching, and learnt how to meet (lots of) men in real life. Let’s just say she never looked back, and her theme song would probably be “It’s Raining Men.”

Now a master at meeting people IRL, Parvin leads my women’s coaching events.

She’s a trained wellbeing coach, and her skills are sharp for coaching you how to master the “meet cute” and get a date whilst on your lunch break.

Headshot of Parvin - Hayley Quinn coach
Headshot of Chris A - Hayley Quinn coach


Chris started his career in teaching, specialising in helping neurodiverse children. He’s a qualified SEN teacher and a level 3 PT. He also faced a wall of limiting beliefs around his own love life.

However, after taking my Academy programme, things began to change, and many years later Chris is now a pillar of our coaching team.

Chris brings a highly empathetic, yet playful style to his coaching and understands how to effectively coach neurodiverse individuals. With an ongoing love for personal development, he also brings expertise in tantra and masculinity coaching.


Kristian is a lecturer and trained executive coach.

He specialises in helping people recognise and work through their mental blocks, providing them with practical steps to achieve their goals.

He's also great at explaining the theoretical approach to dating if that better suits your learning style.

Headshot of Carrie - Hayley Quinn coach


Our newest recruit, Carrie has a natural gift in the profound empathy and care she brings to her coaching.

Carrie’s gentle encouragement will help to break down your barriers, and warm you up to the possibilities of how your life could change.

Carrie is well versed in roleplaying and able to assist you in practising real-life approaches, or to build your confidence preparing for dates.



John is a Charisma Coach with a passion for personal development that ignited early in his journey.

Over 7 dedicated years, he has honed his coaching style, with a keen focus on harnessing the power of conversational flow. Specialising in cultivating transformative mindsets, John brings a unique expertise to empower his clients.

We're fortunate to have John as the lead coach for several of our events, thanks to our shared values.

Headshot of John - Hayley Quinn visiting coach
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