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Top dating coach for men

Supercharge your dating confidence, make her want to see you again, and discover how to meet women in real life. Learn to love dating with top dating coach for men and women Hayley Quinn.

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For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.


Attraction Point

Stop Chasing & Start Selecting Her

How do you flirt with her in the way that walks that subtle line between not being creepy, but also communicating your intentions clearly enough that you’re not just a friend? I created Attraction Point to give you a new insight into attraction, that will enable you to understand her better, and create that all important spark.

Over 15 years of coaching I realised that so many men suffered from the same core issue: They spent A LOT of time and energy chasing women, ending up feeling frustrated with dating overall. Attraction Point teaches you how to exit this demotivating cycle and how to communicate your potential to her as a partner. 

Attraction Point is taught over 6 carefully crafted online video modules, plus 2 bonus videos, and 3 detailed workbooks for you to complete. As this is a video course it’s easy for you to study wherever you are in the world, and at your own pace.



The Ultimate Dating Training For Men

Academy is my flagship 8 week training programme that has been transforming men’s dating lives since 2016. This unique programme has the opportunity to be followed entirely remotely with Online Academy (great if you live in the USA, or further afield) or you can join Premium Academy and also experience a full dating “bootcamp” weekend in London with me and my coaching team.

Academy is a multidisciplinary course that is taught via weekly masterclass webinars, mentorship phone calls, and 24/7 “coach in your pocket” advice and support on our coaching WhatsApp thread. For Premium Academy attendees you will also be coached live in London, at a selection of carefully chosen real life venues, by me and my coaching team. I still love teaching you in person, and Academy gives me the opportunity to do just that!

I designed Academy to be a results driven programme that creates change over a realistic time frame. 8 weeks is the perfect amount of time for you to create real change. So far in the Academy men have met their future girlfriends whilst participating in the course, some have got married, others are much happier bachelors than they used to be. If you want nothing short of a dating life transformation, Academy is where to start.


Training Day

Start Meeting Women in Real Life

Training Day is my unique 4 hour taster event that gets you started at meeting women IRL. If you find the idea of a full length dating “bootcamp” overwhelming, Training Day is a great intro session to developing the skills you need to meet women in person.

Led by my all-star coaching team, Training Day takes you through my tried and tested warm up exercises to break through your fear of rejection, and enable you to approach women. You will work 2-1 with a designated coach, and the entire event will be held in real life venues across central London. This isn’t a ‘workshop’ you will spend almost the entire session meeting women.

It’s an action packed 4 hours full of learning, comradery and life changing experiences. My team are experts at taking you to the edge of your comfort zone, whilst also feeling like you always have our support.


Wingman Club

Dating Confidence Workshop For Men

I believe dating advice should be accessible for everyone. I created Wingman Club as a brilliant coaching option for people who like to study online, love learning within a supportive community and for less than a cup of coffee a day.

Wingman Club offers you 25+ hours of online learning courses, monthly group coaching calls and an active coaching forum where you can ask me, and my team, for daily advice. People often join Wingman Club to learn from my vault of online courses, but stick around because they’ve realised they’re enjoying the dating journey so much more now they’ve met some new “wingmen.”

If you want an affordable, remote learning coaching experience the club is a great place to start.


1-to-1 Session

Personal advice and feedback from me

Bespoke advice direct to you from an internationally renowned coach. With over 15 years dating coaching experience, with both men and women, I’m exceptionally placed to give you the objective, and practical advice you need.

Trusted by big name brands, and 1000s of men worldwide, I have a unique insight into dating. My coaching style is informed, but empathetic and I will always give you detailed actionable advice. My private coaching sessions are designed to answer your specific concerns, they’re not a sales call. To get the most out of your session, a member of my team will send you a client in-take form to plan for your session, plus I will always give you detailed follow up notes.

My sessions are perfect for you if you have a specific situation you’d like advice on, or if you’d like a fully tailored action plan for your dating life: Whether we’re overhauling your dating app profiles, or getting you to meet the women you want IRL, I can and will help.


What customers are saying

See how Hayley Quinn has helped thousands of men just like you to understand women, develop their dating skills and discover ethical ways to build attraction with her.

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"Wow. What a ride. Thank you so much Hayley and team. I've learned so much from you all, and about myself too. Jack and Ash: you guys are legends. You've really lifted me. I still have a long way to go, but you've given me the kick in the ass I've needed."

Headshot of Maurice S
Maurice S.
London, UK
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Online Dating Revival

"I started using dating apps (properly for the first time) during my training with Hayley and put a ton of effort into my profile and pictures, getting feedback from everyone I spoke to and constantly testing what worked and what didn't. I secured 6 dates from this approach from women who I find attractive. Prior to the course I was on the apps for a similar period of time and wasn't matching with many girls I was attracted to, so gave up."

Headshot of Daniel C
Daniel C.
New York City, USA
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From Shyness to Success

"In one session, I spoke with 7 girls, got 2 numbers, and secured a date. It's amazing how much progress I've made in just a few hours. Your help has been amazing, not only during our sessions but also with texting and date advice. I'm excited to continue under your guidance. Top coach! Thanks!"

Headshot of Sam B
Sam B.
London, UK
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Rediscovering Myself

"Thank you all. This has helped me rediscover myself as well as learn a lot of new things. I never thought during this time my life would change so much and meet an incredible girl and some new friends in my work and personal life. You're never too old to learn new things."

Headshot of Dean G
Dean G.
Cheltenham, UK
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Warming Up!

"It's rarely I give feedback, so if I do it means someone's doing really great! The training was potentially life-changing in terms of giving me confidence and know-how in approaching women, which is my preferred way to meet someone special (rather than online). Thanks for all you do, I've really warmed to you."

Headshot of Simon E
Simon E.
Manchester, UK

For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.

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