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Private coaching enables you to get personal feedback from Hayley Quinn. Sessions last 30 minutes and are taken via video call. Before your session, you will complete our confidential client form so Hayley can make the most of your session time. In-person sessions, and long call options, are available after your initial call.  If you want an unbiased second opinion and bespoke advice this is a great option for you.   

Why work with Hayley

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Create change

You want to create change in your dating life, with help from a highly personalised coaching experience.

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Address a specific scenario

You have a specific scenario (read: man situation, girl problems) that you’d like Hayley’s opinion on.

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Unique advice

You know you’re unique and will get the best results from working 1-1.

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Intimate support

You want the unparalleled intimacy and support of your own coach.

The power of One-to-One Coaching

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Unbiased insights into your dating life. No more conflicting advice from well-meaning friends: it’s time to get an action plan.

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No more feeling unclear and confused: gain clarity on how to handle any ‘situationship’. Whether that’s knowing when to walk away, or how to start meeting people. 

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Talk to Hayley one-on-one and create a plan for your dating life that is personalised to you.

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About Hayley

Hayley is the UKs leading dating coach. She has over 2 million views on her TED talk and over 100,000 YouTube subsribers. She is the spokesperson for Match, the world’s largest online dating platform. She is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan, and has appeared on TV shows ranging from BBC News, to The Apprentice, to Celebs Go Dating. Her goal is to inspire men and women to learn to love dating.

Work With Hayley

Objective Dating Advice

How to Date

Get immediate feedback on any dating situation

Create a personalised plan for your dating life

Be prompted to finally take action

Discover what you’re really searching for

How to Date

Who Is Private Coaching Suitable For?

Private coaching is a premium service for people who want help building a rewarding dating life: That could be getting advice on a “situationship”, discovering how to meet more people IRL, building an incredible dating profile, or gaining confidence with dating.

Hayley is highly empathetic, but her advice is practical and action orientated. She will gently challenge your limiting beliefs, but also give you lots of tangible exercises you can do to create change.

However, coaching isn’t therapy. It is a compliment to you already feeling on a (generally) good track in other areas of your life, but feeling that there’s something about dating that just isn’t clicking for you yet.

If you are finding it hard to emotionally cope with dating, or other areas of your life, we’d highly recommend you seek a licensed therapist.

Hayley only works with a small number of clients at any given time: However you can expect to receive a first session within 7 days of booking, after that Hayley will discuss the possibility of further coaching, if it is appropriate to do so.

What Are Some Alternatives To Private Coaching?

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Private coaching is a premium service, limited by the small amount of clients Hayley chooses to work with at any given time. However we’ve designed plenty of alternative ways to get access to Hayley’s advice to suit most budgets.


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HQ Club

We have a fantastic online club (one for men’s dating advice, one for women’s) where alongside access 100s of online coaching videos that you can’t see elsewhere, you can also gain access to our coaching forum. This forum is only for HQ Club members, and is a private space for you to ask all your dating coaching questions. The forum is moderated by Hayley and her coaching team, so you have endless opportunities to post and ask for advice.

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Live Events

Hayley’s team of dating coaches also run regular live training sessions to teach you how to meet people in real life. These entirely practical sessions are unique, ethical, and supportive. For men there’s our 4 hour workshop Training Day that teaches you respectful ways to meet women in real life. For women there’s our Secret Place workshop is a one of a kind practical workshop teaching you how to meet men in real life. Please note our workshops are open to all, just let us know if you have a different sexual orientation and our team will tailor their coaching to you.

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What our customers are saying

“Lovely results!”

“Thank you for helping me think about this whole thing differently… and putting together a profile that attracted a lovely fella into my life. I have a boyfriend!”


How to Date

“I am married!”

“I have way more confidence, learned to trust intuition, learned what were red flags, and how to set crucial boundaries. (…) Now I am married!”


How to Date

“Game changer!”

“Working with you has been a real game changer for me “


How to Date

“Ring is on!”

“Is that a ring on her finger?? It certainly is! “


How to Date

Sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and goals, but can cover a range of topics such as:

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Specific feedback on whether you can make it work with a person you like.

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How to successfully approach people both online and in-person.

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How to present yourself as a high-value individual and raise your standards for the people you date.

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Detailed advice on messaging strategy to get more matches to turn into dates.

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Online Dating: A full profile re-write that communicates who you are and attracts the right people.

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Online Dating: Detailed advice on what photos to use, body language and styling

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Where can you meet people?

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How to get over your ex.

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How to become a much better conversationalist.

hayley quinn

How to feel comfortable with expressing your intentions, and flirting.

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Ready to change your dating life?
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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

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  • Booking
  • Refunds & Support

Sessions with Hayley typically last 30 minutes and are held via Skype or phone call: between 09:00-18:00 GMT Monday – Friday. Occasionally weekend sessions may become available which work well if you’re based in the USA. Longer sessions and in person sessions are available after your initial 30 minute consultation.

Before your session a team member will send you a coaching form and client contract so we can get to know you better and make sure your session is as purposeful as possible. After your session you will have the opportunity to book a regular coaching slot with Hayley.

Hayley will ask you a variety of questions to kickstart the session: after she understands you better she will give you objective, direct advice about what to do next. Hayley is very empathetic but also highly pragmatic in her approach to coaching.

You will need Skype / Zoom / Facetime/ WhatsApp audio for your session and to complete our client form.

You will be contacted by a team member before and after each session to remind you of your session and help you with any queries. All sessions must be used within 12 weeks of booking. Hayley doesn’t offer free taster sessions but you can speak to a team member ahead of booking to discuss whether this session is right for you. Please use the contact form above to request a call back.

If you need to reschedule Hayley and the team will do their best to offer you a new slot. We cannot normally offer refunds for a change of heart ahead of your session but you can take the session as a coaching credit towards other forms of coaching. If for any reason Hayley can’t deliver your session then you will of course be offered a refund.