Never Worry About What Message To Send Him Again: The Badass Dating Advice You Need 

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Transform Your Dating Confidence Levels

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Your new dating philosophy


I remember vividly what it was like being single & knowing you really want to meet him. Feeling great when you meet someone you click with, then 2 weeks later it’s all over before it even began. 

The crushing pressure of wanting to find him “in time” to have a family and being re-targeted with ads about ovulation sticks. Seeing all your friends getting coupled up so being single feels more and more isolating. 

You’re emotionally drained by dating, you’ve lost your dating confidence but you know deep down it would mean a lot for you to meet the right partner for you…

…so you start googling dating advice and it just gets worse. 

You’ve tried

Playing it cool.

Direct and open communication. 

Letting your friends write your messages for you.

“Scripts” to send him (so awkward.) 


Therapy (helpful, but not quite hitting the mark…) 

And nothing has actually WORKED.

Before you delete your dating apps (again) I need you to stop right there and realise dating really doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m going to take you on a journey through dating which yes will end up with you finding a great guy… but more importantly will see you becoming a more confident, integrated, version of yourself along the way.

If you read my advice you’re going to start a new trajectory that’s going to make dating feel much more like pulling up a sun lounger, than going on a job interview.

My coaching is

Results-driven and highly realistic. 

Actionable: from the right mindset to how to talk to a cute guy, there are steps for it! 

Empowering: your dating life is about to become a whole lot more fun.

How do I know this?

Well, I’ve had an interesting journey through my 15 years of coaching. Back long ago, I worked in the notorious men’s “pick up” coaching industry: where men teach other men how to seduce women. Yes, it was in parts incredibly sleazy but I got a behind-the-scenes insight into what men are really thinking… and more than that I had a crazy, wonderful idea. 

I saw that men’s dating was so practical. It wasn’t about waiting for Prince(ss) Charming to come, there were skills you could learn to get better at dating. So I re-engineered my knowledge I’d learnt from men’s coaching, for women. 

It’s so good I wish someone had told me when I was feeling down about being single, that it didn’t have to be this way. 

I can and will teach you…

How to use your new found dating confidence to get the man you want to walk right up and approach you.

That exuding “femininity” (it’s an energetic thing, no frilly dresses required) will make you magnetically attractive.

How to perfectly pace your interactions so you make the best, most self-esteem-boosting choices, for the men you invite into your life.

Start this journey with me!