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3 Conversation Skills You Can Learn from Magicians


January 6, 2015
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Magicians are great storytellers... and this is one of the sexiest qualities you can bring to the table.

That's why these guys have a mystique about them and make women's eye spin in their heads. We all love a story that makes us feel like it's happening second by second. If you're not magician/ natural storyteller I've put together 3 simple tips you can swipe from the men with the rabbits in the hats...

1. Audience engagement is everything.

If she's not listening no matter how great your story is it won't have an impact. Light touch, using the word 'you' and pausing until you get someone's eye contact are basic principles of making sure you have their focus. Unsure if she's listening just say softly... 'you may want to pay attention to this bit...'

2. Leverage stories that she knows.

Phrases like 'once upon a time' immediately bring us back to our childhoods. They work on a deeper level to recreate her reaction to stories that she's experienced many times before. It relaxes your listener as they think 'oh great, a story' and switches into listening mode. At this stage, she is a lot more receptive to hearing you out and appreciating what you have to say.

3. Surprise! Great stories have a twist.

They play with the unexpected. The ending is not what the beginning had you thinking it was. It is a fundamental tenant of being a magician that stories have a twist... even if that's pulling a coin out from behind someone's ear.

Unexpected responses are always engaging, unique and surprising. These are hallmarks of a guy who is socially confident and not afraid to bend people's expectations. He just has sex appeal. So never give a person the response they want or expect and you have a great ending to a good story.

I hope you liked the 3 tips I learned from magicians- to learn more unexpected skills, join my Hayley Quinn Club.

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