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How to meet women as a shorter guy

February 27, 2016
▪ 2 mins read

Hello from Hollywood!

Today I am joined by JT Tran, the founder of the ABCs of Attraction. I know that he’s got amazing detailed advice that has been helping loads of guys out. I've seen his success around the world! I want to talk to him about feeling attracted to the guys that shorter than me and dating as a shorter guy. And I am talking, significantly shorter but having something about them that makes them intangible when it comes to their hotness.

Disclaimer: the interview was edited in transcription to suit the written media

There's something these guys are doing here that's getting to women. But I also know from working with guys that height is one of those big things that women talk about. There's lots of the idea that women select upon hight. And it's easy for guys to feel, especially with what's in the mainstream media that they're not good enough for their "inadequate" hight. So, talking to the man who is a pro at teaching guys who are 5’5 and shorter, how to date was a no brainer.

JT Tran- a shorter guy and a dating guru

JT starts our interview by saying, as a joke, that wishes he was born tall, dark and handsome but has settled for being short, sturdy and smooth. And he owns his physic and takes dating, tall blonde, blue-eyed girls as a sort of a challenge.

There is something about a shorter guy getting with a taller girl that I find exciting, but I also understand why man finds this very intimidating. It can be intimidating at the best of times for any guy to approach women. Especially if they have something making them feel bad. As a matter of fact, most people don’t feel 100% settled with something about them.  


What does JT do with all the guys that come to him?

JT: First of all, let's call out the elephant in the room. Women do select on the height it's the truth (like the men select on age) but you have to accept that is there are ways to get over it. I've had students who think they don't have it in them to date taller women. But I show them that they have to be the exception to the rule and that by doing what everyone else is doing they are going to get their results.  

So what I do, or my student, has to be different than what a tall guy does. First of all, I can get away with being a lot more aggressive and dominant than a taller guy. If a big 6-foot tall guy tried to grab you and pick you up then it would be scary. Now there are appropriate ways to touch girls and I teach that you don't want to be creepy or anything like that but I can after having a conversation with her and making her laugh, I can do my caveman manoeuvre. This is where I pick her up and I hold her in my arms.


Watch the whole interview below:

We all have insecurities when it comes to dating. Especially if our physical appearance does not match what social media deems as status quo. But whether you are a shorter guy, bigger guy, or any type of guy, the secret to being successful comes from being confident and playing up your strengths.

And if you need a bit of help with finding your strengths and fine-tuning them, come to my next Training Day workshop and learn everything you need to know for dating success.

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