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4-Day Bootcamp
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All standards
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8 weeks
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24/7 support
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Let's leave this place behind...

You struggle to get dates with women you actually like.

You let opportunities to meet high quality women pass you by day in, day out.

You want to still be a good man but get that sexy edge of confidence.

You are constantly seen as 'a friend' and 'such a nice guy' but never as a romantic prospect.


Would you like to...

Finally feel like you have the confidence and the know-how to approach the women you want.

Rapidly improve your conversation skills, ability to flirt, and personal style in this full 360° life upgrade.

Meet women wherever you are (think coffee shops, bookstores, airplane lounges!) and not be limited to dating apps.

Learn how to stand out from the other guys: this is all about showcasing your unique personality in a way women love.


How does Academy work?

I love teaching Academy: I get to know you as an individual, and work with you in our online masterclass sessions and IRL in London.

Years ago I acted as a coach for the world’s most infamous "pick-up artists" and despite their methods, I recognised there was real value in dating coaching. However, I seldom agreed with their approach.

In creating Academy, I saw an opportunity to retain the skills-based training that’s so valuable for your dating life, but developed in a way that creates a higher quality learning experience.

Unlike a traditional “pick-up artist” bootcamp — where you turn up, are barked at by a macho instructor to approach, and are sent home feeling depleted — we use the 8 weeks of Academy to build you up slowly to achieving your goals.

I believe in taking you to the edge of your comfort zone, but in a way that builds your confidence. That’s why Academy has an intricate coaching structure and syllabus that’s been developed over 7 years. Our exercises, challenges and masterclasses are designed to incrementally push you towards your goals.

I also love that, at Premium Academy, I still get to coach in-person - nothing beats the exhilaration, and the challenge, of real life coaching. I really hope I can meet you there!

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What makes Academy so special?

Hayley Quinn Dating Coaching During Academy training session

Real-Time Digital Support

24/7 feedback specific to you via our WhatsApp channel


Academy is about comradery: our past members still meet on a regular basis! This isn’t just about meeting women, it’s about making friends and building your core confidence from the inside out.

Intensive Training

Academy is 8 weeks long, creating the perfect amount of time to form new habits and make real change.

Hayley Quinn with her one of her dating coaches during Academy training

An action-packed adventure awaits

Over 8 weeks you’ll learn how to meet women in real life, and build your core confidence.

Meet the coaches
A man playfully stopping a woman in the street
Someone pressing a heart on their phone screen
A woman smiling at her phone as she types
A stylish man holding a bag
A woman enjoying a conversation with a man
A female hand dipping into clear water
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A man and woman chatting on the London underground

4-Day Immersion Bootcamp

Meet more women in real-life than ever before with our optional in-person London bootcamp hosted by Hayley Quinn.

Thursday Night

A group of young men and women chatting in a bar

In-Field: Warm Up

Kick start your approaching journey with our first 5 set exercises and explore meeting women in bar venues.

Friday Night

A woman laughing with friends at a bar

In-Field: Meet Women In Bars

Spend your second night finessing your approach. If you thought you could never approach a group of women or a woman you’re attracted to, you will be surprised by what you can achieve. Moving past the fear of approaching you will gradually relax into your interactions and find it easier to flirt.

Saturday Daytime

A man and woman laughing at dinner

Practice Date

Go on a practice date with one of our female coaching team to help hone your flirting skills.

A collage of passport photos

Dating App Photos

Grab some new images for your dating app profile: We know how to up your images.

A young man approaching a woman in the street

In-Field: Meeting Women During The Daytime

Don't be limited to just meeting women in bars (or dating apps) discover how many opportunities to connect with women are literally walking right past you! Meeting women in coffee shops, galleries and food courts often suits men who are naturally introverted.

Sunday Daytime

A man greeting sunrise with open arms

In-Field: Next Steps

With your confidence growing find yourself getting phone numbers from women you've just met, and maybe even having a date there and then! Leave this weekend with a deep sense of satisfaction that you’ve not only got the results you want: but you’ve stayed true to yourself, and formed new friendships along the way.


Pick the perfect Academy to suit your calendar

Book early to grab your place on our flagship dating programme and transform your relationships with women.

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What customers are saying

Discover the transformational journeys of other Academy participants.

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Overcoming Hesitancy Step By Step

"Academy has been a huge help. A few weeks ago I was very hesitant about joining the live weekend because I felt I wasn't nearly ready and needed a lot more time (like, some months) before I could go out and start cold-approaching people in the street or in bars. But now I'm really glad I did because I got so much out of it and everyone was so helpful. I loved how you broke it down into incremental steps to make it easier to get used to approaching."

Headshot of Kartik W
Kartik W.
Brighton, UK
5 gold stars icon
The Avengers of Dating

"I've never done any other dating courses before but I always knew if I was going to do something it would be with Hayley as she always came across as someone whose company I would enjoy whereas so many of these other dating experts seem sketchy/sleazy/insincere. My instincts about Hayley were correct and I was really happy to see that all the coaches were just as good. You guys are like the Avengers of dating."

Headshot of Gavin R
Gavin R.
Bournemouth, UK
5 gold stars icon
Mission Accomplished: New Skills Learned

"The purpose of me doing Academy was to help me get the skills to find a partner, not get 100 numbers. I feel I have accomplished my mission. I'd like to say that Hayley's way of doing things works because it's taking action rather than memes, complicated lists, and generic advice. That each of us can be ourselves and grow on using what's already there within us rather than getting frustrated with our whole lives as it's never seemed enough."

Headshot of Josh S
Josh S.
London, UK
5 gold stars icon
One of the Best Investments I've Ever Made

"Academy was one of the best investments I have ever made. In 12 weeks, Hayley and her team have revolutionized my approach to dating. You feel they all care and want to help. It's also an exciting challenge and loads of fun! After completing Academy I felt comfortable approaching women, and after dozens of approaches and dates, I started seeing a great girl. I now have the skills to feel confident in dating and building connections when required."

Headshot of Chris S
Marko S.
London, UK
5 gold stars icon
Making the World a Better Place

"To echo my fellow students, you and your team have made this course a transformative experience. It has exceeded my expectations and I've got some great new friends too. I figure with all the great responses we get to approaching, we're making the world a better place too! Much love and respect to all of the HQ team and all the best to fellow students. Take care and I hope you find romance."

Headshot of Kyle F
Kyle F.
London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.


Academy is held over 8 weeks. The course comprises 8 online modules (including weekly live masterclasses) and an optional 4-day in-person training session. For the in-person training you must be able to travel to London: however all other modules are delivered remotely.


8 x Masterclass webinars

Participate online from the comfort of your own home. All webinars are recorded so no problem if you miss one of the live sessions… although you will get the best coaching experience by joining every session.

Real-Time Digital Support

24/7 feedback specific to you via our WhatsApp channel.

Individual Mentoring

Get 5 one-to-one coaching sessions (each 30 minutes) with one of our top dating coaches to keep you accountable throughout your journey.


Personal style feedback from our in-house stylist. Share photos of your current wardrobe and receive personalised expert recommendations on how to enhance your look.

An Online Dating Do-Over

Let us re-create your profile in a way that makes her want to swipe right. Hayley will help redraft your written profile and select the best images to maximise your chances of success.

Weekly Challenges

Each week we will set you a video challenge designed to boost your social skills, take you to the edge of your comfort zone and build you up to meeting women in real life.

Optional: In-Person Training

17+ hours of in-person coaching over 4 days in London. This is the fastest way to internalise the lessons of Academy and meet more women than ever before in real life.

Teaching Style

We pride ourselves on creating a fun, friendly and supportive environment to work in. We also communicate with each other, and about others respectfully. You can expect lots of practical advice and action steps that work in the real world.

What You Need

A willingness to learn, access to Wi-Fi and a mobile phone. All other teaching materials will be provided by our experienced coaching team.


We spend time preparing you for this event: so can only accept bookings at least 72 hours in advance of the course start date. Spaces are strictly limited as we maintain a 2:1 trainee/coach ratio so you get plenty of individual attention. If you are unsure whether this training program is for you, feel free to complete our assessment form and a member of the team will reach out and arrange to speak to you.

Refunds and Support

As this is a bespoke programme built around your we won’t be able to offer a refund if you have a change of heart: however, you will be offered the chance to transfer onto a later course date or exchange your Academy place for coaching credit.

Results may vary based on individual efforts and dedication to the course materials. We do not guarantee specific dating outcomes, as success depends on personal application and context.

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