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Don’t Miss The Mark, Create The Spark 

Fed up of “how to create attraction” being explained to you with some cringeworthy “techniques” that teach you to be someone you’re not? 

That doesn’t represent the smart, modern man that I know you are? (With dating advice that’s often so OTT that you get blown out anyway!) 

Instead, let me teach you to master the “Attraction Point” – a caveman-free zone and a brand new way to communicate attraction to her. Get past the “friendzone” but stop short of being a “chump” and find a way of flirting with her that’s as subtle, sexy and sophisticated as you are.

Are you….

Constantly chasing women 

She seemed interested at first… but then when it comes to actually going on a date you’re hit with a whole lot of “maybe”. 

Finding flirting clumsy 

You’re OK at just normal conversations with women, but it gets really awkward when you think about flirting. 

Unsure when to ask her out 

You let opportunities pass you by, or blow it with badly timed ask-outs.

Would you like to be…

Selecting the best women for you, instead of endlessly chasing?

It’s time to raise your standards with women (don’t worry this will actually get you more dates) 

Mastering your dates so she “gets” why you could be a great match 

Dating is one big communications skills exercise, and you’re going to learn how to demonstrate your partner potential to her. 

Subtle, sexy flirtation

Discover how to flirt, and move the conversation with her towards commitment, in a way that’s refreshingly subtle and modern. 

I’m dating coach Hayley Quinn. Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of men just like you to understand women, develop their dating skills and discover ethical ways to build attraction with her.  

Attraction Point is all about realising that there’s a fundamental dating principle you need to master to become far more attractive. One that has nothing to do with being more arrogant, “cocky”, seductive, sleazy, or less like who you actually are. 

Welcome to “Attraction Point”: how you can stop chasing and start selecting her.

Attraction Point is about finding that “sweet spot” of building attraction with her. 

Not so indirect that you’re forever the friend, and never as a guy she can date. Not so direct that you feel like you’re trying to be someone you’re not, and she gets turned off by some inauthentic, crude, try-hard macho lines. 

It starts by building your standards as a man: no more draining your valuable time and energy pursuing women who aren’t reciprocating. 

You need to discover how many more dating options you’ll have when you raise your standards. 

Yep, you’re going to try less hard and actually get better results. 

I hope you will find this advice to be a subtle, sophisticated solution to finally understanding what creates attraction, building your self-esteem and getting the dates you deserve. 

Are you ready?
Grab your Attraction Point!

Your New Dating Journey Starts Here

Step by step guide to becoing more confident


Choosing the right women to focus on

No more chasing! It’s time to develop standards for the women you date.


Presenting Yourself As A Potential Partner

Discover the importance of sending trust signals to her.


Attraction Point

Create the perfect moment to ask her on a date.


You Haven’t Chosen Her… Yet

The 7 surprising questions you need to ask her to on your date.


Third Way Flirtation

Subtle ways to spark attraction and make your intentions clear (enough).



She keeps cancelling dates at the last minute? You’re not getting any responses on dating apps? Hayley gives specific feedback on how to deal with common obstacles.

Bonus content

James Marshall


Lifestyle enhancement with James from “The Natural Lifestyles”

1-hour long interview with Natural Lifestyles Founder, James Marshall, to teach you how to build a high-value lifestyle.


Go First Principle

Discover the power of how to talk effectively about yourself with this conversation skills tutorial. 


Styling for dates

Join top stylist Sarah from Sartorial Lab as she tells you how to nail first-date fashion. 


Accompanying workbooks on:

  • How to understand who she is through what she says 
  • Developing high standards for the women you date 
  • Signs she wants you to ask her out checklist 
  • What makes a great dating app profile

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