Private Coaching With Female Dating Coach Hayley Quinn

Bespoke dating advice & one-to-one coaching

Private coaching enables you to get personal feedback from Hayley Quinn. With her unique approach to coaching, Hayley focuses on giving you the practical action steps and real world social skills to improve your dating life. Think: Learning how to meet high quality dates on your lunch break, having the confidence to speak to a group of attractive singles at a member’s club or jetting off to explore the joys of meeting people IRL at your favourite destination. If you want to build your confidence with dating, and learn the skills to meet people in real life, join her Private Client waitlist here. Sessions can be taken remotely, via appointment in London or - for existing clients - at locations of their choosing worldwide.

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The power of 1-to-1 coaching

Impartial: Unbiased insights into your dating life. No more conflicting advice from well-meaning friends or your associates: it’s time to build an action plan.

Real World: Nothing will transform your dating life faster than working with Hayley in real-world situations (think: bars, department stores, members clubs) and discovering the joy of meeting people IRL.

Confidential: Talk to Hayley one-on-one and create a plan for your dating life that is personalised to you.


Who is Private Coaching suitable for?

For over 15 years I’ve coached men and women to conquer their fears, and change their dating lives: Whether that’s finally having the confidence to meet people in real life, re-building their dating profiles or finally getting to the root cause of what’s holding them back. I really enjoy building a trusted coaching relationship with my clients and delivering them transformational results.

I started out my journey in dating by adopting the skills-based coaching I learnt from master "pick up artists", then merging it with my personal values to make dating coaching non-sleazy, high quality and accessible to men and women. My approach has been featured widely across international media, in popular books and my 3m+ viewed TEDx talk.

I pride myself in being empathetic but also realistic. I won’t teach you anything that would make you (or another person) feel uncomfortable: Instead my coaching is about working with who you are as an individual.

I believe dating coaching is a new frontier for personal development. My coaching style is nuanced, ethical and action orientated. If you’re not sure what to do, or how to do it, you can count on me to have developed a training exercise for it! 

I believe that social skills, confidence, a great mindset and, yes, better results with dating, are highly coachable areas of your life. I will challenge you, support you and cheer you on towards your goals.

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Remember that coaching isn’t therapy. It is a compliment to you already feeling on a (generally) good track in other areas of your life, but that there’s something about dating that just isn’t clicking for you yet. If you are finding it hard to emotionally cope with dating, or other areas of your life, I highly recommend you seek a licensed therapist.


Why work with Hayley Quinn?

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Create Change

You want to create change in your dating life, with help from a highly experienced coach.

Address Specific Scenarios

You feel confused and want an unbiased opinion on someone you’re dating.

Receive Unique Advice

You feel you face unique challenges and feel you’ll get the best results from working 1-to-1.

Gain Intimate Support

You want the unparalleled intimacy and support of your own coach.

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Every session is built around you

Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals, and cover a wide range of topics.

"How do I choose a great partner who wants the same kind of relationship as me?

“What can I do differently to approach people successfully both online and in-person?”

"How do I raise my standards when choosing the people I date?

"What advice can you give me to help get over my ex?

“How can I escape the cycle of emotional burnout, and feel more motivated and confident at dating?”

“Do you think I can make it work with her? I mean, I really like her.”

“How can I find the motivation to continue dating and make dating more fun again?

"What photos, body language and styling works best for my online dating profile pics?"


What customers are saying

Discover the impact of personalised coaching with Hayley Quinn from clients seeking feedback, in-person meeting strategies, or uncovering their dating blind spots.

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I Absolutely Love Hayley!

"I tried several dating coaches before I decided to work with Hayley. She is the best in the business. No question. Whereas other coaches gave me copy&paste advice that didn't really fit my situation, Hayley took the time to listen and understand before coming up with an actionable plan. Our sessions were always followed up by useful emails that gave me some additional insights to improve my dating life or recommended reading. Highly recommend!"

Headshot of Gwyneth T
Gwyneth T.
San Francisco, USA
Amazing Coaching Experience

"I discovered Hayley on YouTube and have had private coaching for almost a year. The coaching experience is amazing. She is professional, straight to the point and warm. The things Hayley teaches me are simple to follow but efficient. She teaches me how to set the boundaries, how to filter ppl, how to make your partner respect you and how to say "no" to people. Having her as my coach was one of my best ever decisions."

Headshot of Alexandre J
Alexandre J.
San Francisco, USA
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World's Best Dating Coach

“Hayley is the world’s best dating and relationship expert. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. You’re just a guru at this! I’ve gained confidence, learned to trust my intuition, recognized red flags, and set important boundaries. I stopped wasting time on unsatisfying interactions and now, I'm happily married to someone amazing. You're really one of the only good ones in this industry. Keep up the great work!"

Headshot of Phoebe P
Phoebe P.
Austin, USA
5 gold stars icon
Always Goes the Extra Mile to Help

“Hayley travelled to New York City to work with me for a boutique week-long session. Thank you, Hayley!! The experience not only completely changed my views on dating, but has completely changed my life — I feel so lucky to have met Hayley. Every day was so well structured and organised, with an intense mix of real-life interactions and more “behind-the-scenes” strategic discussions and role play. I felt really listened to the entire time, and came away feeling empowered and ready to move forward with my dating life."

Headshot of Eilidh W
Eilidh W.
New York City, USA
5 gold stars icon
Discovering New Potential in My Life

"I'm not just saying this and I don't want to sound cheesy but working with you has been a real life changer for me. The work that you and your team does is great and has helped me to realise the potential I have going forward - not just in dating/relationships but in other areas of my life. Thanks for everything so far!"

Headshot of Alex M
Alex M.
London, UK

For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.


Sessions with Hayley can either be held remotely over Zoom, or she is also able to coach you in person, in London. Hayley can occasionally travel to other world cities to work with you.


Before your session you will receive a coaching form and client contract via email so Hayley can get to know you better and ensure your session is as purposeful as possible. After your session you can discuss further coaching options and suitability with Hayley.

Teaching Style

Hayley will ask you a variety of questions to kickstart the session: after she understands you better she will give you objective, direct advice about what to do next. Hayley is very empathetic but also highly pragmatic in her approach to coaching. Your coaching session is not a sales call; Hayley will use her time with you purposefully to give you actionable advice.

What You Need

For online sessions you will need to login to Zoom for your session and to complete our Private Client onboarding. For in-person sessions you will first need to attend a Zoom consultation to assess your suitability for training. Provided that you and Hayley click we can arrange for Hayley to work with you in-person in London.


Please join Hayley’s waitlist to work with her. After joining the waitlist a team member will reach out to you within a working day to take some initial details from you. Hayley doesn’t offer free taster sessions but you can speak to a team member ahead of booking to discuss whether Private Coaching is right for you. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Refunds and Support

If you need to reschedule we will do our best to offer you a new slot provided you give us at least 48 hours notice. We do not offer refunds for a change of heart ahead of your session but you can take the session as a coaching credit. If for any reason Hayley can’t attend your session then you will be offered a full refund.


Private coaching is a premium service, limited by the small amount of clients Hayley chooses to work with at any given time. However we’ve designed plenty of alternative ways to get access to Hayley’s advice to suit most budgets.

Confidence Club

We have a fantastic online club (one for men’s dating advice, one for women’s) where alongside access 100s of online coaching videos that you can’t see elsewhere, you can also gain access to our Coaching Forum. This forum is only for Confidence Club members, and is a private space for you to ask all your dating coaching questions. The forum is moderated by Hayley and her coaching team, giving you the opportunity to seek advice whenever you need it.

In-Person Training Events

Hayley’s team of dating coaches also run regular in-person training sessions to teach you how to meet people in real life. These entirely practical sessions are unique, ethical, and supportive. For men, Training Day is a 4-hour taster session that teaches you respectful ways to meet women in real life. For women, Secret Place is a one of a kind practical event that teaches you how to meet men in real life. Please note our workshops are open to all; just let us know if you have a different sexual orientation and our team will tailor their coaching to you.


Private Coaching

Request to join Hayley's waitlist and get unbiased feedback from an expert on how to solve a challenge in your dating life.

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